Polaroid HD USB Digital Camcorder

Wow, good for a 10 year old maybe.

I keep telling myself I’ll see one more then go to bed. And yet here I am.


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Does anyone else think this is a Horrible Design choice for a Camera? It just seems to me that it would Not be comfortable to hold this shape while taking pix or videos.

i think most of us are doing that :smiley:

hahaha almost

I’ve had the same problem allll day.

I’ll stick with my 8g Flip Mino. Next.

You’re tripping. It’s HD and works great. The price just happens to be exceptional.

These things are pretty good to take on a mountain bike. Small and fits into the handlebar bag. Video is OK quality.

what no boc!!!..i guess i will just sit here and read all the complaints from the people who havent bought a thing from woot…jussssss saying

is the flip better?

i told my self that after the knives…

Why am I still awake?

Grad school comps tomorrow… yet here I am… waiting for… one…more!

Yes, it is an addiction.

I’ve got an average of sixty five dollars other places so far.

If my HTC Incredible didn’t film in 720P, I’d be all over this.