Polaroid i1035 10MP Digital Camera with 3” LCD

I tend to stay away from cameras that have more digital zoom than the optical zoom, even with 10 mps. However, this may be a good camera for the old hubby. Anyone know what type of lens this is?

I’ve never owned a digital camera and know next to nothing about them…would this be a good one to start with?

if this cam had a rechargeable pack instead of aa batteries, i would be all over it…the AA’s kill the deal for me.

Yes. Polaroid makes decent starter cameras.

I’m in the same boat and decided to give it a shot. It has to be better then my iPhone camera and that’s really all i’m looking for. For 65$ my feelings won’t be too hurt if it’s a P.O.S.

Yes, It has a good resolution. I am replacing a 2.0 megapixel camera with this one. Its not due for replacement because it still works really good, but I have just decided I couldnt resist this good deal on a 10MP. Polaroid isnt the best brand, but a 10MP polaroid retails for about $150 in stores. Its a deal especially for a beginner.

If it takes one it should take them all, at least that’s what she said

Its a piece alright piece of junk… whats the point in building a “high end” camera if your going to put a cheap dime store lens on it

Same here, Im fighting it in my head - yes/no/yes/no/yes… prolly no.

Rechargeable batteries with a charger only run about $10…

I lost my Pentax Optio A30 at the NY comic con this year. Ive been meaning to pick up another camera, but I don’t think this one is it…

For some reason, I like Pentax, and I hope they put another camera up soon on woot

Actually the best starter camera would be the Canon A 590 IS…a great little camera with a good manual. It has many useful settings and it’s dropped from $200 to $105 at amazon.com & bestbuy. This Canon has great reviews…and the price is right for this gem.

You can get a nice set of recharageable batteries at wal mart for about $15, with a charger. Its kind of a bummer but as long as the camera doesnt loose its date settings everytime the batteries go dead, I think it would be just fine.

Actually, using AA batteries is a plus since you can always use your own AA rechargeable batteries/charger AND if you are in a pinch, you can always buy some from almost any local stores.

Arg, you must work for woot in secret! cause you are correct leaning more towards Yes. hummmmmmmmmmmmz. would be nicer than having to worry about a battery pack after a year of use going dead and not holding a charge($40 more, yeay!)

SD, Mini SD and Micro SD. SDHC indicates the largest size. (Good news is
That these cards are cheap!)

Well usually digital cameras take just one size, but now I do recall wal mart sells SD cards in a 4 gig size with all three adaptors for about $20, so thats not a bad deal.

These sell for 40 to 64.00 on The Auction site in California that people use from around the world.

I have a Nice little collection of polaroid cameras in a Shoe box up in the attic.

not one of them is functional nor used very much before it became that way.

Funny how real looking they make these toy cameras these days hu?

AND if your batteries run out before you can charge them, I hear AA batteries are quite easy to come by in the stores, easier than those battery packs.

(Woot better send me something special in my boc.)

lol, god I hope so