Polaroid i1035 10MP Digital Camera with 3” LCD

nice hardware, too bad the lenses are that movie with Ben Affleck and JLo

[edit]: by that I meant shit

NEW not refurb but still a no name brand using the old polaroid trademark that is rented to whoever has the cash.

broke my camera in mexico last week, just what I needed. Hope its good.

Do we ever really NEED anything on here? … :slight_smile:

i got one. hope its better than my woot 8.2 mp

ok another camera should kill the woot off so lets have some fun.

if terrorist had all your friends in a building with c4 all over it and said they would blow it up unless you beat your mom’s guts, would you?

Looks a good deal. But as an owner of a really bad Poloroid LCD TV. I’m not thinking relibility will be any good.

but that said 10megapixels for $60 is cheap

get some thin pin striping and trick it out all manly like and you’ll be set! Maybe add a Hello bondage kitty dangle charm and nobody would even mess with you… seriously… soemtimes I bet they would even walk… or ocassionally run in the other direction!

If you’ll pay $20 for a memory card I have a bridge in Brooklyn you’ll love.

how do you know him?

have you tried his pancakes?

how long would i have to do it? and are condoms allowed?

Lowest on pricegrabber is $86


Errr… Next!

at what? Bridge?

In for one, the gf has been asking about getting a 8mp+ digital cam for a while now, might as well get this one!

I got one! Needed to replace my ebay camera… looks like a decent deal since I dont need anything fancy.

Yes, this is not the same company that made the instant cameras of yesteryear. They sold the name to some third rate camera manufacturer.

I will never buy anything polaroid makes again. If their camera’s are as good as my 37" Polaroid HDTV which lasted less than 2 years, you shouldn’t either! Guess they need to stick to the istant picture developing cameras, new technology isn’t for polaroid.

nice camera if i needed one. if i didn’t have the canon that i have now i would get this one.

good camera…great price…I’m in for 1