Polaroid I532 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

This is an upgrade from the 2$ camera before at least.

Where’s my Bag of Crap??

going going gone!!!1

Whoever buys this is insane…

I have this camera, I use it for taking pictures to sell stuff on ebay.

is this better than the teal kodak from 2 days ago? if so, dammit i should have waited

LOW rating on Amazon.

My aunt has one of these I was using it last weekend. It takes good pictures but the controls are far from intuitive. seems like a good price though… tempting…

5.0 Megapixel, that’s it?!

i tried to buy a mouse, but that turned into a power strip…and now its a camera…wtf?

Good for a child. It’s not colorful, but at least when they break it, it was only $40, not $300.

what media does it take

somebody buy out the gorilla head for havans sake

The kodak from 2 days ago had 10 megapixels. Double the 5 of this one.

My HD2 has the same specs… and it’s a phone. Sorry, no woot for you!

HELP… my first woot-off! How do I keep the most current Woot Sale item on my screen without sitting here at my computer clicking on the refresh button every 5 seconds? Just wondered if there is an easier way??

i am sure this one is just as disappointing as the teal.

Is this Brinkmann 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight-compatible?

Don’t worry, the Kodak was absolutely a better deal. Though both Kodak and Polaroid are pretty low quality digital cameras, Kodak is definitely better than Polaroid.