Polaroid I532 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

IF this is a continuation of the 4.0 MP Polaroid we have, it’s a decent, but not inspired camera. No glitches with ours in 2+ years.

thanks, that makes me feel a lot better! i didn’t even notice that

So I see from the map that it’s mainly people from Texas who are wooting on this…and…Massachusetts?? LOL. So I start to wonder, is it really just Woot employees who stay up all night for these woot offs?

Holy stone age Batman!

or google woot off checker


this is my first Woot Off… I don’t think i’m going to be able to sleep tonight

better then the Premium brand cameras we giveaway at work

Do they turn the discussion off on kidswoot during a wootoff? I was gonna say the terrainiac is pretty damn cool, got one on a daily woot.

Yikes, 5.0 megapixels? Goodnight.

woot-off killer

You need a Wootoff checker/tracker. If you ask, someone will provide a link, some have audible alerts

Thanks everybody… appreciate the help! Now for a quick cup of coffee as this looks like a fun Woot-Off!

Well somebody did. Now look what we get!

that’s a true stone… Flintstones had it… :slight_smile:

Anyone getting wooters.us to work? I prefer it to mywoot.net,… but it isn’t updating :frowning:

Oh, …and buy this camera! BUY THREE!

I don’t know…$40 for a new beater camera for around the house. Not bad.

didint John Stamos use this camera?

Yawn and I thought I was gonna get some sleep…

this camera’s not rechargeable, which makes it a no-go for me. (I sure as heck ain’t lugging a brick of batteries on my next vacation, ya know?)