Polaroid I532 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

I think it’s bedtime

I got my 10mp refurbed for $50

NOW is time for that nap (:

Looks like a Nikon Coolpix from 2 years ago… but 200 bucks cheaper.

I need a camera, and will get one from this woot-off, but not this one.

I agree! One more drink, and one more cig, then I think I’m out. (think being the key word. LMPO!)

Stats don’t say it, but it has SD expansion slot. Cheapest I see is on amazon for $120.

guess it’d make a good starter camera for a kid?

yeah looks like a kid camera. does have an SD slot, but reviews I am seeing talk about shutter lag, bad battery life, low overall picture quality. oh well.

Sweet! It comes with 2 AA batteries! I’m so in for 3!!!

Polaroid isn’t for professionals, naturally, but would be a great starter camera for a kid. You can’t beat the price, and it’s new. Maybe w00t will even offer the cube SD card later, which holds nearly 2000 pictures in my camera.

Try not to stab yourself in the eye with that massive 32MB! [snicker]


Polaroid is no longer in business, they went bankrupt and the ‘name’ is sold temporarily to the highest bidder to ‘brand’ generic crap products, often made in China.

In digital camera’s I strongly advise you to STAY AWAY from low end Kodak (I have 4, big mistake, all were under $100, one failed after 150 pictures, the other 3 take grainy terrible compressed pictures (coming from a 12 megapixel camera), compared to my 7 year old Canon digital camera). Wish I had spent the money on USED name brand cameras. Like: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus etc.

ANYWAY! Stay away from: Polaroid anything, GE camera’s and Kodak camera’s made in China (their high end pro line is different).

You have been warned, just search online to see how bad “Polaroid” DVD player etc are…

Polaroid I532 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

Cheap Camera even cheaper through woot.

Why would you want anything that had Polaroid and DVD Player on it together anyway?! Unless it was a camera recorded directly to DVD. Common sense tells you to stay away from that…

I bet you’re made in china.

What the heck are you talking about? I am warning people to steer clear of junk products hiding under the old “Polaroid” name that makes you think it was made by the company that USED TO make well made products (when they were in business).

I was giving the example of the Polroid branded crap DVD players Woot had a while back. This camera and those players have nothing to do with each other than having the same ‘rented’ Polaroid name badge slapped on…

Nope, I’m from NewEngland. Not sure why you think I would be asian, was it something I said? LOL.
I am Irish/English ancestry.

Funny how ‘made in Japan’ meant low quality in the 50/60/70’s, but now Made in Japan is usually the highest quality. It is the stuff made in China, and the surrounding area that varies wildly in quality. Some companies mandate high quality in stuff they have made in China, but companies that are not held to any standards make things as cheap as possible to only compete $$$ wise. Basically the tail light warranty of the used car sales world… (the warranty lasts intil the used car salesman no longer sees your tail lights).

Sounds like someone is cranky and had too much China milk (or Cadbury chocolate with China ingredients).

Come on, it’s not hard to find many, many things wrong with the products and policies that come out of China. I try and avoid China products (although at times there seems to be no other choice), but the way the country treats its people and the countries around it is dusguting. Still think I am from China? Are you???

And I’m saying, why would you ever buy anything with the Polaroid logo on it, that played DVDs? The closest that Polaroid ever got to video, was their Polavision. After that failed attempt, they stuck with cameras…

Why would anyone think that a camera brand on another product be good? That is where the common sense comes in to play.

Sorry, but I’m not buying a Blackberry printer, just because they make awesome phones. (You see now, or is it too late in the evening?)