Polaroid i533 5MP 3x Optical with 4x Digital Zoom Camera

Hey if we buy something from this one does that mean we get to go to EntWoot?

Video of Soccer Kicks to the face/groin


I need to sleep for finals but im afraid of this happening

Thank you for serving and welcome home!

photobucket phail

Now you made me look at her stomach and what do I see? Stretchmarks. This woman is disgusting.

Do you want the melted ice cream or not?

i wasn’t looking at the car.


You’re afraid of your link not working?

I think the steroid lady and the ice cream girl were in a porn together.

I haven’t bought a woot yet, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to, i generally will only buy something if its something i could actually use or is an amazing deal that someone could want…haven’t seen jack on woot the past few times I’ve looked, so i’m waiting in hopes of seeing something…i did however buy 36 tubes of superglue on a dod site…who knows what i was thinking.

well that would have been alot to assume… so… thanks for your TDY, but now, maybe you don’t have to be such a turd to the new folks that are at least trying to fit in? k super. frankly, the pics are fun. and don’t always need a comment. so there.

at ease.

polaroid never made a good camera

I took this with the camera. (Not really.) You should buy it. (Really.) The camera. Not the photo.



Thanks. Its good to know someone appreciates our time.

woot doesn’t have those.