Polaroid i533 5MP 3x Optical with 4x Digital Zoom Camera

polaroid never made a good camera

I took this with the camera. (Not really.) You should buy it. (Really.) The camera. Not the photo.



Thanks. Its good to know someone appreciates our time.

woot doesn’t have those.

damnit thats what i ment to do!!! haha whoops that was definatly a fai1

So uh, I’d buy one for a gift if I didn’t think it was gonna break in a few weeks, amirite?

haha, i was tempted but passed on that one, it is a lot of glue tho, that site is like… woot lite

I buy on my boyfriend’s account… hehehe

What Imeant to say was I think the steroid lady and the ice cream girl were in a prawn together.


I was a Power Rangers die-hard in my day, and this almost made me carp my pants

how to use your camera

so buy a camera instead

No, try being over there for two years. you forget a lot of stuff. Theres so much god dam stuf goin through your mind that you loose your mind. Trust me. Its PURE STRESSSSSSSS

I do that too sometimes. “Accidentally.”

Saves money. :slight_smile:

no u

Such a realization is setting in…

I was just looking at the zoomed product picture and I could clearly see on the software CD what operating systems are supported.

Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. So you Vista users will have to do without (all three of you). And yes, it does work with a Mac - as long as your Mac is old enough.

Quick someone post some tits for this guy!!