Polaroid i533 5MP 3x Optical with 4x Digital Zoom Camera

Shhhhh…you’re sleepy…you’re seeing things!

polaroid was bought out by some company that just uses the name b/c of it’s brand recognition value. said company makes bs stuff

You’re right. That dog should have asked its owner’s permission before it jumped. It also should have been wearing its seat belt.

this is gonna be a long night!!


Ha, someone find the vid now…

It’s just dumb.

If you haven’t bought anything, then you’re not likely to buy anything , so why are you even watching the woot off?

That’s what SHE sai… o wait

no im fully awake.


As long as we’re talking about Buy More, cameras, Asians, and geeks…

She wants you to lick it off. duh.

There’s a lot less hatin’ goin’ on for this wootstopper.

Fo sho…

I’d be on that in a half of a heartbeat

I’m done. Sweet dreams amigos.

To help pass some time!

AHAHAHA no way would I pay this… I got an brand new i733 from a deal off of slickdeals for $20 and the price is the only reason I got it… I am pretty sure anything that preceeded the 733 would be pretty much useless lol, especially for 30 dollars more

okay how about this

if this camera is still up by the time i wake up i’ll buy them all out so you guys wont have to suffer anymore


Actually yes I am. Didnt woot for about two and half years though. Was in IRAq. so when I finally remember woot still exsisted, I had to re sign up. Didnt remember my username, and knew that I didnt have that old e-mail anymore. Don’t assume it if you dont know it.