Polaroid i634 6MP Digital Camera

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Polaroid i634 6MP Digital Camera
$56.78 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Polaroid i634 Silver 6MP Digital Camera

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New Polaroid i634 6MP Digital Camera, for $56.78 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Polaroid i634 Silver 6MP Digital Camera

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Perfect to take a picture of my bag of crap which is next eh eh?

so not worth it, cheaper on amazon

Good morning Woot!

I’d buy 3 if it were 12.34

Not . . . until 5pm EST.

you were second. good day sir! :slight_smile:

MEH got one already

interesting price

Owned this piece of carp. While it took great pics, it died after less than a year of use. And… I don’t use my cameras very often. Avoid like the plague.

Hows the battery life?


Sadly this is a better camera than the one I paid $100 for a year ago.

wow it looks like a clearance price at first.
Then I noticed they just typed 5678

i would have liked 12.34 better than 56.78!

In case you missed it:


palehorse wrote:how the heck do some people get the carp every time?!? every single time I've tried, their server crashes or locks up, and I can't even get to the order screen... even when I hit the button within seconds of the posting!

I don't get it... is there some trick to it that I'm not aware of? Does it have something to do with goats, candles, and the blood of ancient virgins?

I gave $1000 to my daughter and her boyfriend to build a computer for me…one with more memory than I would ever need. They did it for $800. Everyone who uses it is amazed at the speed. Just find a couple of college students who are so geeky that they will do it for the challenge and $100. BTW…I’ve missed a few b a g s. It happens. Enjoy the banter.


6mp? not a good deal… if were 8mp, i’d consider it

Due knot wand.