Polaroid Juke Jam 20GB MP3/WMA/FM Juke Box

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Looks really good for the price! Checking out other places

This seems cool. #3, your thoughts?

Oh, yeah!

:o Not that hot, Woot’s deal is getting colder and colder

I want to see a close up of the user interface



Oh well thought it could be a beater to suppliment my karma. Anyone know of a cheap 128 min flash mp3?

hot to me!
i jumped on this.
hope this will be as good as the speakers.

Didn’t seem to get great reviews…for about 50 more you can get a 40 gb creative nomad zen xtra =P

Decent deal for those who need a cheap one that works though.

the quick links guys

Froogle is $40 +more expensive, and this is not refurb.


Is battery life that bad on this guy? Does it function well as portable USB 2 hard-drive?

Differences between 600, 601 and 602 are hard drive size. 20,30,40Gb resp.

Sister product: Swedish Jens http://www.gizmodo.com/archives/how_do_you_say_ipod_in_swedish.php

SHIPPING is still great!!..Deal is barely warm.Searching Google you can get this unit in 40gb for $199…plus not great reviews on this unit.If they had come out with $120 price tag…it would have been HOT*****.Please Mr.Woot give us some more lowball deals.Youre pricing a lot of us out of the deals.Im stayin up prayin for good deals from Woot…and they aint coming.
Goodmornin to ya
GB :roll:

Not too shabby – the rest of you need to stop complaining – the prices here are still the lowest available online.

I’ll see about talking to WOOT! about new features that could help you all out from forming insomnia. G’Night.


looks like we’ve been reset to an earlier backup because of a system crash or something.

that’s gotta be fun.
poor woot. <3

we’re working on a few things now and not sure if our missing community messages are going to be reinstated. :frowning: at least saturday is not a product release day for us.

I don’t have the exact cutoff time that the messages are missing from (edit - I’m guessing early morning friday on are missing), but if you posted one that’s not here, feel free to repost.

growing pains :oops: thanks for your patience folks.

Can we still buy one? :smiley:


We should have full functionality now. This was a database server upgrade that was planned but obviously did not go as smoothly as we wanted.

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