Polaroid m737t 7MP Digital Camera



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Polaroid m737t 7MP Digital Camera
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Polaroid m737t 7MP Digital Camera


Review on gadgetspeak…


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Polaroid m737t 7MP Digital Camera, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Polaroid m737t 7MP Digital Camera

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Isn’t Polaroid just a brand name now and not the actual manufacturer of products?

Also note the lack of a viewfinder.


Read review from actual customer on amazon, other Polaroids are better. I will skip this one. http://www.amazon.com/review/product/B001958UDO/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?_encoding=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


How long of a video clip can you shoot with this?

Some digital cameras will only take a ten second video or some nonsense, regardless of memory.




Remembering the last Polaroid model I searched for - reviews for their cameras are hard to find… BECAUSE THEY DO NOT SUBMIT THEIR CAMERAS FOR REVIEW! Also, consumer reports rates this #16 out of 16 budget cameras… but that was at a price of $180…

I can’t swear to the quality of this model, but many of the Polaroid cameras are complete crrr ap.

Polaroid went broke and the name was awarded to one of the banks. Some company that buys brand names bought it and started putting the name on various cameras made in China. This one is made by “Ssgi”

From what I have seen, there is little or no quality control (some work ok, some are complete crrrrrrap) and the Customer Service is crrrrrrrrrrrap.

If you want a decent camera for $75, I would by ANY used Canon over these! Newegg has the Canon Powershot A590 IS for $139 with free shipping with the promo code. I guarantee that the $65 will save you a pile of time and $ over the Polaroid - or like I say, a used Canon Powershot of ANY Megapixel will produce better pictures, be easier to use and will stand up longer than any Polaroid junk… Unless you get very very lucky!




According to all the info I’ve seen over the last year+ on the Polaroids, their cameras take lousy pictures and are pieces of carp. Note the buttons on the back of the camera; there isn’t even a direction pad like almost every digital camera has. There are much better cameras for the same money out there!

Polaroid is just a name these days, not the company they used to be back in the good ol’ film camera days. I think these might have even been on the regular Woot! site not too long ago…

Disappointing at best


ouch… scathing reviews from the wooters… no matter since i wouldnt buy a polaroid digital anyways. bad woot! no greenbacks!



There are not many to compare the price to, but it is far cheaper here.


this is a camera i played with in walmart about a year ago and realy loved it. i proably would have even bought if it didn’t cost at least double this then. id buy it now but im broke today…


It has a touch screen . It don’t need no stinkin direction pad.


The touch screen is nice, but I wonder how sensitive it is. I don’t want it so light to the touch that it changes if I bump it, and I don’t want to practically scratch the surface to get the screen to do as I wish.


I decided to try this Polaroid 737 a couple months ago, and am quite satisfied. The touch screen works great, and the camera has many options that make it easier for aging baby boomers to use. The pictures are good, and print out nicely on home photo printers. I don’t know why all the knocking of the Polaroid name. The product is good, and that’s what counts. I have had 2 Kodak digital, and 2 Canon Digital, this is my 5th digital, and once again am quite satisfied. The price is right for a 7 MP - Optical lens.


Do you remember or know if it takes a good picture?


On the latest Consumer Report (Jul 08), this exact model is rated at the bottom of the Compact Cameras category. The price listed there is 100. Nevertheless, I won’t go this for sure since Consumer Report shows so.


Gosh you people are scaring me… I am just going to have to put my faith in WOOT and hope they wouldnt sell junk. I hope that this is a camera that will last and perform with amazing quality…XOXO