Polaroid T730 Compact 7MP Digital Camera

Any body knows if it supports international power votage? 110v -220v

Gizmodo seemed lukewarm about their reception of this camera, but this isn’t a review:

I bought Polaroid camera from Woot last time… much much much worse than a Pentax that I had bought in 2004. This is a bad bet.

Better than the one I currently have. In for one. I’ve been wanting another and this is cheap.

Trust me. You will not be happy with this camera. The time lag between pressing the shutter and actual shot is horrible. There is no stabilization and if there is any motion - you’re sunk. Save your money. This is the same kind of stuff you’ll find in a cereal box in a couple of years. Polaroid camera is the second worst Woot I’ve ever that I’ve made. The worst being a couple of WWVB atomic wristwatches that were DOA that I now use to level the legs on my kitchen table.

Sure, it says it has an infinity focus mode, but how would we ever know for sure?

What were the issues with your Polaroid camera ? Can you give a few examples please ?

only 8 minutes of video at highest quality? That seems very space consuming.
Seems only a tad bit worse on the specs of the Kodak V1003 I got at last woot-off.
This is 15$ less tho, and new.

That’s because it’s NOT a Polaroid. It’s branded as a Polaroid. See wikipedia - they went bankrupt and sold off the licensing rights for their name.

Nikon is missing in your list of ad-induced preference knee-jerk response. Change the TV channel.

At 3x optical zoom and other specs, this would be your “convenience” camera.

“Picture or it didn’t happen !” :wink:


3-D View if you like it :slight_smile: I don’t want it for now… good night everyone

I would not buy a Polaroid digital camera, I did and it was the worst, sent to the factory and they returned it saying nothing was wrong with it, well, hello, I just spent 12 dollars to send it in for repair and the pictures were still blurry. I finally got my money back from the store. Polaroids customer service sucks!!!

Seems strange that it won’t take 2 GB SD cards. I thought that was the usual cut-off.

  1. my boss is awesome!

  2. im also a photographer and shes been borrowing my junky point-and-shoot digital camera made by cannon thats actually really nice, shes kinda pampered

i was already hesitant to buy any polaroid just like i probably wont ever buy anything kodak , lexar or any non-sandisk compact flash.

There is a very slight difference in the implementation of 2GB SD cards versus lower capacity SD cards.

The SD standard could, in the beginning, handle a maximum of 1GB. Then the specs have been extended in a hurry to allow for 2GB, and then the SDHC standard has been created to allow for even higher capacities.
This is not well known, but there is a lot of early SD devices which do not work with 2GB SD cards and this camera seems to be one of these devices.

The good news is that it is possible (I didn’t check) that Polaroid made a firmware upgrade to add support for 2GB SD cards or even for SDHC cards because the hardware is the same for all these cards, the only difference being an extension to the communication protocol between the SD card and the camera.

Nikon is missing in your list of ad-induced preference knee-jerk response. Change the TV channel.

Polaroid doesn’t “make” anything much anymore. The Polaroid name is licensed to various low-quality companies which produce garbage with the Polaroid brand slapped on. It’s sort of like attaching a Mercedes-Benz hood ornament to a 1974 Ford Pinto and calling the result a “Mercedes.”

If the pictures are crap alike, why would you want to look at some crap pictures in a good size LCD?