Polaroid T737 7 Megapixel Digital Camera

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Polaroid T737 7 Megapixel Digital Camera
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Polaroid T737 7Megapixel Digital Camera w/3X Zoom

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the zune deal was nice… this one’s nicer… there’s useful linkage with comparison links on the blog… btw, i was partly kidding when i said “nicer”

Is this water proof?

Any view finder ? I hate using an LCD as it kills the battery life.

All I needed to see was “Polaroid” and I’ll pass. Their cameras are terrible - and cheaply made. Trust me and just pass on this one.

180 froogle

ugly as sin…

but damn is that cheap!

pass tho, already got a great digital camera.

This camera is hideous!

Nice camera for a point and shoot 7 MP… But already in the 10MP SLR, so I have to pass… GL to the rest of you.

I’ve been looking for a nice digi cam. This a good one?

Here is the camera’s Polaroid webpage.

Here is the PDF manual.

That thing is heinous. Whats with all the bling

Max SD card support ? Anyone know or have a link ?

Has anyone else noticed that it totally has a BS button?

The all revealing image

I dunno… fish sandwhich?

I have not been all that impressed with Polariod anymore. It seems like they lend their name to anyone.

I think I’d prefer my 8.1 MP vivitar that I got at the same price a couple weeks ago from woot.

This camera is cool. I really want one with a better optical zoom. Does Polaroid make good cameras? I know that Canon is supposed to be the best for cheap consumer cameras…right? Thanks in advance.

An average price for the camera, preference would be for a higher end camera with interchangable lenses. Not a bad camera for an everyday user, just not me.