Polaroid T737 7MP Digital Camera

hmmm… here is the pic that w00t has posted for this item on the main page if you click the picture of the camera.


makes me wonder…

That is because the viewfinder is the only option on the SLR but on a point and shoot camera, the LCD actually compose better compared to the viewfinder. If you read most reviews, it says the viewfinder actually give a wider view than what the camera can capture.

I just said that I’m glad you can only use the viewfinder on an SLR. Obviously, I’m aware that it’s the only option, because I stated it in my post. Bottomline, LCD = battery waster, Viewfinder = better shot comp, in my opinion.

thanks a bunch! this is just the kind of review i was looking for (where someone had actually used the camera and could do more than parrot the specs and/or tell me that it’s pretty).

i’m afraid the super-slow next-shot delay is a killer for me, although i’m glad to see this up here.

edit: can anyone clarify what “shutter lag” is, please?

Rechargeable but Recharger NOT included or adapter

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you. I thank you for your efforts and your insight.

So does my son and my three grandchildren in our oh so not so traditional family…

LOL I love how its compared to a one dollar bill. All cameras are the same size

if this camera gets your girlfriend exited…it is well worth the money…and who cares how the pictures come out.

I am not sure anyone replied so i will. Shutter speed is the speed the shutter actually moves. There are other times to consider. As I read it, this camera will open the shutter 1.5 seconds after you press the button, which is kinda slow. Then the shutter will move as fast or slow as you have set it. I also believe the postings suggest that you can then take another picture, but “then” means at least 5 seconds after you take the first one. BTW I have an inexpensive Vivitar that has that kind of performance and it’s really OK in general it takes nice snapshots and is easy to carry around, but I want a really good one which this is not for my next camera.

THis camera is madddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd uggley!

From Wikipedia:

“Shutter lag is the delay between triggering the shutter and when the photograph is actually recorded. This is a common problem in the photography of fast-moving objects, and is usually solved by pressing the button with forethought. … In digital cameras, the delay results from the charging of the CCD and relatively slow transmission of its capture data to the circuitry of the camera for processing and storage. … Inexpensive (most “point-and-shoot”) and early-model digital cameras … are still prone to pronounced shutter lag of one second or more, making these cameras useful mostly for posed or intentionally styled photography.”

“FOREVER” is a relative term. Please specify the number of seconds (or fraction there of) for your existing camera. In this way, we Wooters may be able to help.

is it worth buying for a gift. i have a dslr but point and shoot camera’s am not too sure about.

You can’t have a true LCD preview of your shot with a SLR camera by the very nature of SLR. The viewfinder shows you what will be captured because you are looking at the image via a mirror directly through the lens. The sensor remains “hidden” until the actual photo is taken and the shutter exposes your image, thus why you can’t get a preview of your shot (unless you have one of the rediculously expensive, previously mentioned cameras that duplicates the image just for preview purposes). This doesn’t happen on a point and shoot, hence why you can have a LCD preview of your picture. Don’t know if anyone cares, just thought it might clarify some things for someone. (or make them more confusing…sorry if that’s the case)

Actually CNET did a poll and comments piece on who wanted or used viewfinders on digital cameras. About 70% said they wanted a viewfinder because 1) LCD screens do not perform well in the sun; and 2) when needing to conserve battery power, it’s nice to turn off the LCD display, which is the biggest power drain on a camera.

I prefer a viewfinder and will not buy another camera without one. I took a Casio Exilim 5MP camera to the Blue Angels air show. I could not do any video clips because I could not see the screen. That camera did not have a viewfinder.

So never again.

I started using Canon Powershot series in 1999. You are right, they are the best cameras for the money. I went through all their models, starting with one I think they called the A5.

Currently using the Powershot SD700IS. It rocks. And I got it from Craig’s List for $125.

This camera is fine for peope who might be impressed by the 7MP rating. But I suspect it’s just an average camera. Probably worth $100, but no more. On eBay one can spend $150 and get a very nice Canon Powershot 5MP.

As to the quality of, or lack of, this camera, I noted that all the sites that I rely on for reviews, such as stevesdigicams dot com, do not even mention this brand.

Three BIG sites I use don’t mention the brand. No thanks.

True confession: I almost bit at the deal. But I paused and said better check it out. But for $100 it is tempting.

I would strongly suspect it does NOT support SDHC [the HC standing for high capacity].

My 2007 Canon cameras do NOT support SDHC. And I have to think if any camera would, Canon would have such capability. I doubt this camera, being a lesser brand, would support 4GB SDHC chips.

The way I know the Canon does not support SDHC chips is that I have a BlackBerry Curve that uses a 4GB MicroSDHC chip. Put it into an SD adapter and then in the Canon camera and it did not work.

SDHC chips only came out about three months ago. It’s a fairly new technology. I suspect next year we will see cameras that can take 4GB SDHC chips, but not at this time and especially not on any 2006-2007 camera.

say something about audio… Does it take movies as well?? Description is kinda confusing on that regard… ???

Exactly right! I guess I started this whole viewfinder discussion and MichaelSF’s post completely confirmed what I said, and for exactly the same two reasons CNET cited. I will never buy another Digital camera without a viewfinder again, and I think others that might be new to Digitals should consider the lack of a viewfinder when they purchase a camera. Thanks MichaelSF!