Polaroid TA-3600P HDTV Indoor Antenna

Polaroid TA-3600P HDTV Indoor Antenna

Please do you research on tvfool, or rabbitears on where your towers are located and what frequencies you are trying to receive before buying this POS. It MAY work for you, but you better be very close to the towers and not need any VHF stations.

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Best results come from amplified antennas. This one is not. MSRP is total BS.

This just simply isn’t true, an amplified antenna isn’t necessarily better unless you actually need an amplifier.

Right but how do I know when that is?

You usually need an amplifier when you’re extremely far from the transmitter. Sometimes using an amp when too close can hurt your reception.

Without an amp this is useless unless you’re living out on the plane with no buildings to obstruct the signal

$55 list price? Is that a joke?