A: Sci-fi (/fantasy?)

i’ve got one of the pocket camcorders. resolution is a muddy 640x480. it does NOT have a tripod mount screw hole, just a loop for a wrist strap. uses standard size (not mini or micro) SD cards.

here’s some in-car sample video, where i had the camera taped to my rearview mirror (lens peeking over the top of the mirror):

this might make an OK kid’s toy, since it has a little screen on it, and since it uses 2 regular AA batteries, you don’t have to deal with chargers/etc. not sure what else it’d really be good for. FOV isn’t very wide so wasn’t very good for my in-car vids - i’ve since upgraded to a wide angle dashcam w/ two cameras.

Heeeeeyyyyyyy yaaaaaa…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Regarding the cameras, note that is 16/32 MegaB of internal memory, not GigaB.

These truly are toys.