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AWWWWWWWW! Get it here tomorrow!

ROFL this is cute Joby! I wasn’t expecting this after yesterday’s shirt! Great job.

So cute! I don’t know though.

interesting shirt…not going to be in for one but at least the shirt color isnt as drab as its been

it looks like a blue firefox logo

Cute animal sex on a shirt. What could be better? Not in for one.

The red’s not doing it for me.

to this I agree. That looks like an intimate snuggle. Inner species dating of sorts. Like some sort of weird explanation picture book that kids bring home from school

Cute shirt. Love the cranberry color! Nice contrast for the design.

people may get the wrong idea =/
it is cute though

looks a tad sexual

I like the styling execution. But the subject is a bit odd.

dido thats just awkward

Ok I might as well open up an account with the Bank of Woot…they get all my money through shirts anyway :wink:

Washington State loves Woot!

This is a GREAT shirt color and a lovable design, and congratulations to the artist, of course. Good one.

Haha, what a genius shirt. If only it wasn’t red.

Huh. When did the sales map start? I also find the seven colors in today’s shirt interesting. Oh yeah, and the picture’s cute.

I agree with the previous comments: looks a bit sexual to me…

Love the shirt color… after buying the Fat Unicorn I don’t think I can justify buying another cute tee in such a short amount of time. Very nice though.