Polite Pete

Very cute… not a car I met while I was in Chicago. =D But a cute little car nonetheless


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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pretty cute

Is that a grill or a serial port?

i would get it…if the shrit was a different color

Not quite sure I get it…

Corey grats on the print… I actually like Baleen Billy more, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

It reminds me of YAY TACO.

Only not hilarious.

I bought YAY TACO! And I can’t wait til it gets here.

This, however, confuses me. I guess if you really liked the movie Amelie, this might be for you.

I would definitely get this shirt

you know . . . if it had a different design and a different color

This should be a great shirt for all the folks who live and drive in Hawaii. They are the most polite drivers in the US. To a fault!

I predict many complaints about: the colour, the text on the design and of course whatis woot thinking why can’t we have derby every day with sweatshirts and sports jackets. Well I am just making the sports jacket part up…
Personally I kinda like the shirt, not enough to buy it, but I wouldn’t punch someone who did.

Ohh look people in Kentucky and West Virginny are buyin it up!!! What???

I LOVE the movie Amelie (one of my top three) but I’m not getting this shirt. I do like it tho. =D

CREAM? no.

I love the design, but, as with so many Woot shirts, the color is horrendous.

The humor is a bit obscure for me. Maybe I’m just not art-school-sophisticated enough to understand it.

This is one of the items for which the new heat map comes in handy; given the amount of darkness, this shirt WON’T sell out… And I wonder why the rust belt and the west coast are buying it…

When I saw this I thought there was something french feeling about it, glad I"m not the only one. That is not meant as an insult to either the country or the shirt.

I’m nobody’s little weasel [Je ne suis la belette de personne].

And I’m not buying this shirt.