Political Discussion of Chief Many Feathers

Since we couldn’t talk about the racism/offensiveness on the page for the shirt, I thought I would make its own thread. After I got off probation of course… I’m editing the “offensive” word so as not to cause any controversy this time.

I feel that white people don’t have any place to be offended by this shirt. It is not making fun of them so they shouldn’t care. But that’s what we do in America; we stick our nose where it doesn’t belong. How many troops have died because we can’t mind our own business? Too many, and I feel that it is all because we are too concerned with other people’s business. We are fighting a meaningless war, while financial institutions are closing left and right. We need to focus more on our domestic problems that the problems of those over seas, because when China finally decides to call in our debt, we will be ruined. Don’t get me wrong, I support our troops one hundred percent. I know that I wouldn’t have the cajones to leave my family for months at a time, to be shipped over seas, shot at, and given orders that I know might not be the “right” think to do.

Ok, now less political but still might be relevant…
To the people that thing that Native American should not be used as mascots, I disagree with you. I went to University of Illinois, and, as most of you may know, we had our mascot and primary logo taken away. “Chief Illiniwek” wore authentic clothing donated by real Native Americans. He was not the normal mascot. He was not allowed to high five fans or do anything not related to his dance at half-time. The actor was nothing but respectful, but still the NCAA decided that it was offensive to the Native American people. The Florida State Seminoles, on the other hand, have a man dressed as a Native American throw a flaming spear into the ground before every home game. The NCAA has given the Seminoles a waiver that allows them to still use the image of Native Americans.

Some people argue that it would be disrespectful to use any ethnic group as a mascot. They say "you would have the San Antonio “Skips” or California “Chain Links, the Charlston Crackers, or the Manhattan Mobsters would you?” Oh wait, we would want to emphasize a negative Irish stereo type that says that they are short and always willing to get in to a bar fight would we? Oh it’s been done, I forgot the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!!! What about, and i know the XFL isn’t the best reference to use, the New York/New Jersey Hitmen? How is that not offensive to Italians?

The reason that caucasian mascots are not offensive, is because white people don’t really care. They see it as an honor and are happy that their ethnic group is viewed by the public as something so strong, they are used as an intimidation factor. Most Native American feel the same way. When ever you see reports on the news about people protesting Native American mascots, how many are actually Native Americans? Most of the protestors are white people who are overly concerned with other people’s business.

Yaaaaaaaay UIUC!! I’m excited to wear Chief Many Feathers around town :smiley: