Politics, a friendly discussion.


For talk about things that can be disputed in a clearly logical manner and.
IE, not things like abortion, religion, etc.

I decided to do a little bit of reading about the candidates, and I found out that Huckibee(SP), among other things, supports a flat 23% sales tax. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert, but it just seems stupid to me. It would hurt the poor people the most, wouldn’t it? And also, it seems like some things should be taxed differently than others. Can anyone tell me why this would be a good or bad idea?


I can’t, but I’d like to hear opinions.

Edit: btw, congrats on deciding to become better informed on the candidates.


I know taxes are less for food items and stuff like that. Customs thinggies are taxes also, aren’t they? To me it would make sense to have higher taxes on imports.

Does anyone know any of the candidates positions on reducing our dependence on oil?


Good topics include: Economy, Iraq, Iran, Foreign policy, ect…