Politics is Broken - Prove Me Wrong

i am not in love with trump…
don’t agree with everything he said or did.
did not like so many of the people he put in cabinet positions…thought lots of his picks were really dumb. also did not like the nepotism of putting his family members in charge of stuff.

but he did put and tried to put more policies forward that i did want and agreed with.
when i voted for him the first time…all i wanted was for him to be able to put a non liberal judge on the supreme court… very low expectations…
and he got more done that i did want than i ever expected.
i do not support or want the leftist main point agendas. they are bad for our country and for the citizens of us and people around the world even.

right now the reason i want trump…
is because everyone screeching and crying on the left are people i can’t stand and can’t stand what they stand for. they are illogical and hateful and hate america and what the U.S. Constitution is.

and they HATE trump… he was doing good for our country. and all they have done is persecute him and prosecute him over and over again.

i don’t want to be in the un and all the other world fake good for everybody but not really just good for us just have us finance them…powerful people bullshit. he shook shit up and they all hated him for it.

so the more old cronies and unethical criminals who have been in power for decades… and a whole lot of looney lefty’s hate him …

What exactly is the left crying about ?
Aiding Ukraine and Israel is a bipartisan thing. If you think that money would somehow be reallocated to people somehow, you’re sorely mistaken. That money is not going to come back to America if we don’t assist them. Israel has been under attack from Hamas in Gaza for years by rockets and they haven’t invaded. We don’t have boots on the ground there. Israel is just retaliating to Hamas invading their country on Oct 7. They live right next door to them, which makes it a lot different than how we invaded after 9/11… they are constantly under attack by them and Hamas has finally crossed a line they aren’t going to come back from anytime soon I think. Israel is a peaceful nation, whereas Islamic extremist are allowed to flourish in Gaza and Palestine in general. So if you think we don’t have a good reason to prevent the spread of Islamic extremist in the way of attacking a well established nation, then idk what to tell you. Israel is defending themselves, your Senate and Congress are writing these bills, not the president, tho he would have the power to veto them.

What exactly do they hate about America? I don’t get why you think the left hates America.

And how in the world is the constitution under attack, and how? People say the 2nd amendment has been under attack for over 10 years now, nobody is going to take the guns. If people vote to ban assault weapons in their town and the majority wins it, that’s democracy. If you want to be constitutional, then trump needs to let anyone and everyone buy a fully automatic military assault rifle without needing a FFL and all that.

I’m curious what you think Trump can do to make “the left” quit crying. How can you love the USA, but attack people on the left for exercising their freedoms? You’re not going to stop their culture from existing, you have to just co exist with them. He can’t make the left magically disappear. That’s the whole rallying cry of republicans at the moment, just culture war division that nobody can change without extreme laws, which wouldn’t end with cracking down on just one groups Identity. (Like if Trump gets power to start abusing any one groups rights, he will take everyones eventually)

I honestly am not here to try and talk sense into y’all. I’ve already done as much as I can, and nobody ever wants to address the long list of issues that Trump has because they are blinded by some dream of trump somehow radically changing American people. He can’t do that. You’re still gonna have to hear rap music, pop culture, and all that stuff. You’re gonna have to deal with seeing other cultures around you, and no president is going to make that change.

Do you even understand Argentina is famously the nation nazis fled to post WW2? It has open fascism and neo Nazis movements. I’m not surprised he won.

But don’t think the billions of dollars they spent on aid is somehow going to come back to you. It would sit in the treasury. If you had the same attitude towards money as you did oil, none of this would even matter.


I’m sorry but you aren’t going to see the money if they don’t send it to war efforts were aligned with. I’m not sure why you think that, but you aren’t going to be affected if they send it or not.

I will say we shouldn’t send aid to states known to sponsor terrorism. But as far as the whole global being corrupt, I’m not sure what you mean by that. That incredibly broad and general, also a conspiracy of that size across multiple nations just doesn’t seem likely. At least give some details to what you mean by half the stuff you’re saying

Well I don’t think letting a leader who begged around for votes trying to fraud the election , then created a conspiracy that the “left wing” Boogeyman stole it from him is a good start.

How can you trust him after a blatant lie like that ?

You’re just parroting cookie cutter trump talk. Nobody is doing any of things he is saying (with success anyway) and he can’t even stop them from doing it on a local level. You should better understand his role as president, it seems like you just want him to dictate over the country and fully trust a reality tv show billionaire to make the best choices for you.

I already had a back and forth with you brainwashed folks I can’t sit here and tell you anymore how trump isn’t your savior and has no ability to radically change things or save the country from left culture. It just won’t happen, it didn’t happen with him when he was in office. He actually dealt with Taliban and agreed to leave Afghanistan, now Taliban has taken over the country and held them hostage. When they get enough power to start doing things like 9/11 again,and it hits close to your home, maybe you’ll have a different opinion on the matter.

Imma just leave this here :joy::rofl:

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Another successful business failure.

Accountants for Trump’s Truth Social Have ‘Substantial Doubts’ It Can Survive



The goal wasn’t to make money, silly. It was to create a soap box for crazy, racist, extremists.

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Our CONSTITUTION is under threat by the GLOBALIST CABAL

We have no business helping to prevent Islamic extremist or allowing Russia to pillage a nation, we should be sending all of the war aid into MY BANK, as an American who believes in making your own way, I am entitled to this money, NOT FOREIGNERS!

idk i can’t go back and forth with the trump loyalist anymore, they all think people just dislike Trump without reason, and I’m pretty sure they all are hard believers in one conspiracy or another.

Never forget, he was indicted for you, and his problems are your problems.


Awww… our savior-complex cares so much about us… :blush:

I mean… right? Not like those of us “brainwashed” who can just so simply be “deprogrammed”…

Still beating that dead horse, huh? And still not getting the outrage you’re begging for :rofl:

lmao kick rocks old man go find another conspiracy to get lost in

the entire point was to display how insane trump loyalist are and how in denial they are that he is a walking abuse of power

i knew you were shallow minded from the get go, but watching you refuse to acknowledge glaring issues with trump let’s anyone reading know just how far gone y’all are


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Welcome — I Don't Need A Savior

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Meanwhile, pretty much everyone who’s ever worked with Trump has turned on him.

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Why do we care what Cardi B thinks? Are people that VESTED in someone’s opinion to care versus coming to their own informed choices? The election is still far off.
Are we going to get weekly updates on every celebrity opinion?
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“ and the blind shall see “…

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I like her music, but it’s sad that it is like some big huge celebration when they find a single person who even suggests they support Trump even in the slightest.

Congrats. You got one person who is questioning their vote for Biden. This cancels out every thing else. #MagaLogic

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Now this is the video last week that came out right but how in tarnations is John McCain in the crowd …

I slow motion watched the video just to see who else was in the crowd …

McCain died in 2019 I believe…so why are they playing old videos or why is John McCain’s ghost hanging out at fight night … and he looks pissed he hated Trump and visa versa…

I’d vote for the ghost of McCain.

Misinformed people thinking for some reason feds are going to reallocate war aid to their home town. What they fail to ever realize is the human costs of these wars and how we could be potentially be saving Innocents civilians and giving them enough time to at least flee the war, as Ukraine goes. For Israel, Hamas has been attacking them for many years, and only until they entered their nation and kidnapped and murdered peope, as well as shot up a music festival, did Israel respond with such force. Hamas wants a war, so they’re getting it. These pop stars are caught up in pop culture and being cool, these children who even listen to their music are absolutely uninformed of who Hamas is. It’s so terrible to see people sympathizes with people who literally want them dead. It makes absolutely no sense. And the aid we are sending over is not going to somehow come back into their city. It’s not even a good solution to the problem. If you can’t keep a city like New York clean, one of the most bustling economic towns, full of cash, it’s an issue with the people inhabiting it. If she aligns with Trump, she must be blissfully unaware that he has welcomed “white nationals” aka white supremacist with open arms. They understand their influence and are just deciding to pick a side, which is always a terrible decision. Because all the sudden you’re liable for everything the party has done, since you identify with it. Trump Loyalist usually just rally cry with a mutual distaste for “left/liberal” culture. It says “problems” in the country but never actually addresses any. Because half of them are tired of people, something no president is going to change. Makes no sense about immigration since Trump wanted to foot the bill for creating camps for immigrants. Something that would cost more than we spend now. World politics is just taking a stage right now in the news and the current rhetoric is to quit caring about other nations and just pump money back into ours, but that never actually solves anything. Plus that is not even conventional republic politics. Republic politics would be for budget cuts, while Democrats would typically try to keep the budget up. Traditionally, republican are not for big government. They don’t believe in delivering aid willy nilly like most people believe a war aid fund would somehow be reallocated to the people. It simply won’t happen.