As it is a major election year, I’m interested in seeing how the country (as indiviuals) think our elected officials are doing. Of course I have my political ideology, and yes I’d love for everyone to agree with me, but for the sake of being real, and being fair- everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now with that being said.

Tell me what you like/dislike about candidates, but support what you say with facts. Cold hard numbers dont lie. (They can be manipulated 10 ways from sunday, but they dont lie.) Tell me what you would like to see politicians add to their campaign. Give me predictions.

But [u][i]MOST IMPORTANTLY-[/u][/i] Do not belittle others for their opinions, nor insult people or minorities!!!

i find it insulting that you separate “minorities” from “people”

The Lord will guide my voting hand.

You see this? This is why we can’t have nice things.

As well He should…