Polk Audio 8" Wireless Subwoofer

purchased this a couple weeks ago when it was a sellout.woot deal. It was well worth the $80. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get it.

it enhances music and audio from my PC, and makes movies sound like they do in the theater. Works great with PS3 as well.

its so loud that I only need to put the volume knob around 1/4 - 1/3 of the way up

Bought one a couple of weeks ago from a previous selloutwoot…wireless works great…more of a woofer then sub-woofer, no way it gets down to 36Hz…

Here is the product Manual for this Woof-Woof


Does anyone know how much this will make my electricity go up? My husband has an awesome Harmon Kardon that runs our electric an extra $40.00 per month. <–NO JOKE! I pay .09 per kilowatt and I would probably use it 6 hours per day, 7 days per week… :slight_smile:

Also bought one in a recent Woot. Very pleased, although… Even knowing the dimensions, in reality it was larger than expected. Make sure you have the space for it.

That seems highly unlikely.
Even at 200W RMS, you’re talking about $3.50/mo using it 6 hours a day.

This sub being sold here is 50W RMS, 100 peak, call it 75 average and you’re looking at about $1.25/mo in power costs.

If you’re looking to save money on your power bill, your subwoofer is not the place to start looking.

My Harmon Kardon receiver runs hot even when turned off so it’s more a 24x7 thing. Though for that reason I do have it on a power strip which is off more than it’s on.

And there is the cost of the air conditioning to cool the thing.

But I’m not buying into $40/month either.

Is there any noticeable delay / lag / latency / whatever you want to call it when using this? I got the Altec Lansic wireless bluetooth speakers, but since it’s bluetooth there’s about an 80 millisecond delay that I need to adjust for in my media player. Otherwise movies look like the actors are lip sync’ing :stuck_out_tongue: Would be weird if the bass came slightly later than the rest of the sound.

I really like the idea of this; because of the layout at my apartment the only reason I have to keep the music down is that the subwoofer is touching the floor (read: vibrating the floor and my neighbor’s ceiling) and with this I could put it somewhere where it doesn’t transfer the sound as much.

Frequency response without a tolerance (like +/- 3db) is meaningless. It could be producing 90db at 80Hz but 6db at 36Hz at the same power level, so low you’d never hear it.

I bought this sub to use with my vizio sound bar last time it was offered on woot about 2 weeks ago. I don’t notice any lag and this thing has a lot of juice. We had to turn it down because it was being too loud. :slight_smile:

How’s the wireless range on one of these? Is it feasible expect it to work if I were to place this in our media room and bring it out to a Zone2 setup when we have cookouts on the patio?

Can the signal traverse 20’ from the receiver and through one wall? I do have power outside FWIW.

I don’t know?..I see several positive comments from owners but I have owned several diff types of Subs in the past & I never had a great experience with an 8" before. I guess it depends on your expectations? I wanted something you can feel, rattle the plates in the cabinets kinda sound & I found that only when I went up to a 10" or a 12" is even better.Yea, yea I know…that’s what she said :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys, not very technological here. I have a vizio tv with no soundbar. Would this woofer work without a soundbar or anything else?

I can just hook it up to the tv, no problems?

Also, if I have to get a soundbar, which one would you suggest?

Thanks for the help, wooters!

Will this interfere with my wireless network or wireless phones?

Can this be used with an existing surround sound system to add a second subwoofer. I have a cheaper Sony surround sound but it has USB out and so does my television. If anybody knows if this will work please let me know. I want my basement to bump!

It totally depends on (a) the size of your room, (b) how loud you like it, and (c) what you’re listening to.

I have a really large listening room (the rest of my family thinks it’s a den), about 7500 cubic feet. For that room, classical and jazz sound great with a 100-watt 8" sub (like this one), at live volume, as long as don’t want to play Bruckner (or the 1812). Rock & roll wants more like 400W and 10-12", and for action movies, anything less than 1,000W and 15" makes me think it sounds better in the theater.

If your room is a more reasonable size, or if you don’t like it as ridiculously loud as my teenage daughter, you will need much less power.

Anyone who says “you need this much power and this big of a woofer” either knows you really well, or doesn’t.

Jus’ sayin’.

Oh, and the amount of power makes at least as much difference as the size of the woofer, if it’s halfway decently made. I once heard a 6-1/2" Audiopro with 400W that was dramatically better than a 12" (I forget what) with 100W.


Since it probably includes air conditioning, which will cost 1-2x as much as running the H-K in the first place, it’s not so hard to believe it’s in the ballpark. And don’t forget that it probably draws 2-3x as much power as it puts out.

I had a 200W H-K amp that made my large living room (in my old house) noticeably warmer. It probably sucked over 500W from the wall. It did sound great, though: it could literally* put out higher current than an arc welder. It eventually melted itself down; I still miss it.

  • Rare, correct use of the word; I compared the numbers.

I got this item last time, and I can’t quite figure out how to connect it to my Pioneer receiver … the subwoofer has an RCA output, while my receiver has only 1 input for a subwoofer. Anyone else have this problem?