Polk Audio 8" Wireless Subwoofer

makes perfect sense, you can put the sub next to or behind the couch or wherever, and you don’t have to run wires…kinda the point.

also good if you already have a wireless system sans sub.

He’s saying it isn’t necessary, though. Why put it by the couch when it’s not a directional speaker. It should fill the room with sound, so it doesn’t matter where it’s at. In other words, just put it next to the source. (TV, sound system, etc)
I suppose it’s possible that you ran out of wall space next to the TV if you have a small room. That would justify moving it away from the source.

Sure hope the Mrs. doesn’t read this !

By the way, how comfy is your couch ?

anyone want a dollhouse?

BOCs aren’t necessary either, but we know how much people HAVE to have them! :slight_smile:

great item.

I sure could use another sub on my system. but Can’t dish it out on this. Wife has medical bills coming up soon
But otherwise it’s not a bad deal. Wish it was a 10" though.

Still waiting for a x-arcade dual control for 60 & I will not hesitate.

36Hz barely qualifies as a woofer, let alone sub-.


Wireless subs make a lot of sense! Bass is non-directional, so you could put this out of the way behind a couch or in a corner under a table…

A wired sub is tethered to it’s source.

8" is plenty of size for bass, technology has been around for quite some time…

Did you just appear out some kind of time portal from the 80’s?

Get with the times, get with the times!

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