Polk Audio 8" Wireless Subwoofer

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Polk Audio 8" Wireless Subwoofer
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Really good price,$300 less then the manufacturer. I have had polk audio products in my car before, dunno how there home stereo stuff is, anyone have any reviews?

It’s only half price: http://m.polkaudio.com/speakers/products/pswi8m

For some reason, it’s not on their full site.

Here’s the manual. Or ‘maunal’ if you’re dyslexic. Whatever, the link works.


People love their home stereo speakers, but they also generally recommend other woofers, if you are an audiophile, not sold by Polk. But for $100, you really can’t go wrong here, most likely. I just don’t get the wireless thing.

I had Polk speakers in my house for many years. Top quality, in my opinion. Great sounding with solid bass. Don’t know anything about this offer, however.

It says wireless but it has a power cord. Is that just to charge battery? :wink:

Wireless is a good way to go for a subwoofer. Since bass perception is non-directional, you can place the sub out of the way and not worry about how to make the wire run.

Yea see i wasn’t sure how good wireless sound systems were… I think i may just stick with the Bose Cinimate sound system I bought myself for christmas

Pretty good write-up on the Polk site, too.


Question for those who may know: I have a Sony 7.1 system but no subwoofer yet. My output for a powered subwoofer is a single rca connector. Why does this have right/left rca inputs? Would I be better off getting something else?

Seriously Woot? I bought the Denon A/V Reciever you sold the other day, how did you know I need a sub too? Sadly I’m tapped for cash or I’d probably buy this too.

Polk is a good brand and this is a great price, but I don’t need a wireless sub. Start selling some wireless rear speakers and then we’ll talk.

From the Polk site: “Takes up less than a cubic foot of floor space: 12-inches W x 14-inches H x 12-inches D”.

Ouch, I’m guessing a marketing type wrote that dimensionally mangled, inconsistent and incorrect statement.

Assuming the dimensions stated are correct, it looks like each subwoofer occupies a square foot of floor space and just over a cubic foot of volume.

No reviews anywhere on this that I could find, but very good reviews for one that is slightly larger on Amazon. 4.5 stars.


That’s to connect to the wireless transmitter, you’d probably have to get an adapter if you want to hard-wire it. But if you’re running a Sony 7.1 system, you’re probably going to want more power than this sub can offer.

I have a Boston Acoustics wireless sub for a soundbar, sounds great but kills my wifi so I don’t keep it. If I’m playing a Blu-Ray and want a theater experience I’ll turn it on.

An 8" driver isn’t a ‘subwoofer’…it’s midrange at best.

Your little Logitech ‘sub’ next to your PC produces more bass than this does.
Steer clear, folks.

There’s no real reason for some for having left and right rca inputs on a sub. If you connected both the RCA’s on this sub it would just combine them into a mono source anyways. If your receiver has an RCA sub output, connect it to the right input. or you can purchase a cheap RCA splitter so they can hook up the left and right RCA inputs on the sub.

I don’t get it. Why would I ever want to hook up a subwoofer independently of my regular speakers? Do some people like listening to a subwoofer by itself? Is there some advantage to a subwoofer being wireless, as opposed to regular speakers?