Polk Audio 8" Wireless Subwoofer

Polk does wonders with its subwoofers. However, at this price you can find one of its wired front-firing 10" subwoofers. If wireless isn’t a big deal and you don’t mind having a bit of cable, it’s definitely worth it to put the cash towards a bigger wired model. If you have a small apartment and space is an issue though, this would be perfect.

Speakers have an exact layout that is the same for everyone. However, subwoofers sound different depending on what part of the room they are sitting in. I would love to be able to pick up my sub and move it from place to place, seeing where it sounds best, and not have to worry about if I can wire it in the new spot.



This may be a dumb question, but what do you plug the “Wireless USB Transmitter” into exactly?

It’s a shame this cuts off at 36 Hz… almost all sources go down to 20 Hz, so this is throwing away almost an entire octave at the bottom end.

Why don’t you people link your URLs?

Your stereo or your TV system. A wireless receiver of any kind needs a wireless transmitter of some kind to function.

What’s wrong with your spacebar?

I’ve seen 8" drivers beat out 12" and 15"'s before, It’s all about packaging the device. Polk, in my experience, has never had a problem doing such that.

Unruffle your skirt. Size doesn’t always matter.

Obviously, “good” subwoofers are made to move air, a lot of it, to make the experience. Not make low noises.

It’s also obvious that this isn’t aiming at that type of market and comments such as yours are simply elitist smarm. Stay clear of future frivolous commenting. Would you also say a compact car can’t do the job of a tow truck?


Reading the manual, this was originally intended for TVs. That’s why it only goes to 36 Hz (below the range of most TV speakers, so you’d notice an improvement), why it uses both RCA jacks (it goes into a TV’s auxiliary jacks), and why it has USB (it can be powered by USB ports on some Mitsubishi TVs). It’s compatible with A/V receivers, but not specifically designed for them.

36Hz - 250Hz is not “midrange”.

I’m not really sure how this subwoofer is wired up. I understand that the sub has its own power cord. And IF the RCA cables plug into the sub and then into the wireless transmitter, where does the included USB cable plug into then? And what is it for? And how is the range on the wireless transmitter?

Nevermind. Just read the manual. Even though the manual doesn’t seem to be the one for this unit (states 50W versus this 70W unit). RCA cables can be used for non-wireless connection and the USB is for some TV sets. :slight_smile:

Again, from the manual,

Just because it’s an 8 doesn’t automatically define it as not a subwoofer nor a midrange. A subwoofer is deigned to reproduce frequencies below the range of a woofer usually <200hz. A small speaker (<8")with a low Fs (resonant frequency) able to reproduce sub-bass is still indeed a subwoofer. It’s the frequency response that defines subwoofer, NOT the size. This speaker does indeed reproduce sub-bass frequencies and is thus a subwoofer regardless of it’s size.

As a great philosopher once said:
“Size matters not.”

That was Yoda.

What I don’t understand, and never will, is why people are opposed to wires. Wires are not evil. What’s evil is the laziness of people which aides the creation of “wire spaghetti.” Take some time, run the wires/cables, and be merry.

You could always mount a big fan behind it .

I own a 128 track digital recording studio so I can speak on this with experience…first…8" speakers can make great subs if u dont have a large space or if u have sound restrictions like an apartment…second…polk is a very good company…third…no way can a “Logitch” sub compare to this…how do I know…I have both products in my office at my studio…and last…the price is excellent…thanku

This product has “marketing experiment” (ok, maybe “niche”) written all over it. Without the word “wireless” (unless there’s a car battery in that enclosure - it isn’t) it would probably retail for around this price. There’s really only one practical application for it that I can think of - if you have a multi-room receiver and want a powered sub in a smaller room and you don’t want to drill this is what you’d need. If you have a decent sized living room and intend to use this as your main sub you’ll probably want to hold out for something that can put out bigger than 70 watts RMS, (even from Polk). If you want to put some thump in a smaller room though you’d most likely enjoy this sub. The wireless feature would make it pretty versatile through home theater upgrades too.

Don’t think that 36hz isn’t good. While many movies do indeed have content around 20hz (nearly all music including most popular dubstep is limited to >40hz) in order to reach that low you’d need a MUCH larger sub. 36hz is (if that is to be believed) actually very respectable in a sub that small. If you’re interested it’s called Hoffman’s Iron Law:

Bottom line, this is a sub that will cover the entire frequency range for nearly any music you throw at it, and still handle movies fine. Reaching down to 20hz with any authority is hard for any decent sub, so don’t expect it with this little thing.