Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Speakers

To potential buyers (of more than one speaker): Note that these are not the Duo version of these speakers. They cannot be connected to each other to produce stereo sound. Also, there is no mike in these ones.

I just received the 2 I bought last year, which I bought thinking I could connect the two together. These are the original swimmers, now discontinued.

For more information see:

Original Swimmer: https://www.polkaudio.com/products/swimmer

Swimmer Duo: https://www.polkaudio.com/products/swimmer-duo

Similar discussion on a recent sale:

To Woot Staff: This mistake in the product description seems to have happened several times… What gives?

Egads, that was supposed to be updated. We’re ending the event now. Thank you for pointing it out.

So…there is a mic, or no?

Per the specs:

Built-In Microphone Yes

AGAIN, the WOOT! is a lie. I just unboxed an R4A Swimmer, and of course, no mic. Shame on me, the OP warned me.