Polk Audio RM8000T/RM50T Tower Speakers

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Polk Audio RM8000T/RM50T Tower Speakers
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Polk Audio RM-Series Tower Speakers (RM8000T / RM50T)

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who gots one?.. here’s useful linkage w/ comparison shopping links… let the weekend fun begin… i suppose.

Gah, need a theater system, not just two speakers

How’s the sound?

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Froogle, Pricegrabber, Amazon, all here.

Why not get some sweet comparison links. Oh yeah, sellout.woot.com tracking too. =)

I have these speakers, I love them so much but I got them off a freind for 80 bucks, sorry woot:(

Looks cool but needs an amplifier too, which I don’t want to buy.

Say it like ya got a pair! I GOT A PAIR! (not speakers)

Polk makes some of the best speakers you can buy. This is a good deal, too bad I already have these for my stereo system.

Is these like boze?

LOve u

Great company, but too rich for me. Plus I just bought a 5.1 Polk set for $250.

These were $299.99 last time… I thought about it LAST time and almost got them… $100 increase? No thanks!

Again with these…they are pretty good speakers and as I recall there was much discussion on Silver vs. Titanium color the last time they were here.

Solid WOOT - Polks are not cheap in general - now granted they are not Klipsch but this price is really good for A PAIR!!!

Nite all!

If you are refering to Bose, these are much better.

Good speakers, friend has them. You can probably get them used elsewhere though.

Best thing about these is their slim design allows them to compliment almost any entertainment system without taking up too much space.

FWIW: MSRP is $849 EACH.

Sweet price, but my Linn Keilidhs blow them away.

Super cheap compared to Amazon. 75% off.

Attention Woot Gentlemen (and ladies),

You outdid yourself with this write-up. Extremely clever.

Give yourselves a much-deserved increase in your allowance.