Polk Audio SurroundBar w/ Wireless Sub

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**Item: **Polk Audio SurroundBar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $174.99
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Condition: New

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Decent reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at crutchfield.com

I don’t have this item, but I can attest to the awesomeness that is Polk Audio. Their customer service is outstanding. I would just make sues Woot is an authorized reseller or else the warranty is voided.

I emailed them a concern and had a response in 20 minutes. I was amazed. I thought it was just a response saying they received my email and would respond within 2 business days. Nope. Replied to it and again almost immediate response.

Serious quality in the items I do own. They don’t make you jump through hopes with warranty issues either. Highly recommend Polk to everyone.

chk’ed at amazon … not good reviews … sooo its a $200 chance?

The warranty is as stated: 1 Year Polk Audio. If you have trouble obtaining warranty service, contact support@woot.com and they will help you.

“Decent”? Those Amazon reviews are pretty bad. That’s scared me off of this model.

Could I get this to work with a projector?

This was posted previously.

Hi, my name is Kim Jasper, and I am the Customer Service manager for Polk Audio. I have been with the company for 13 years.

I wanted to address concerns anyone may have regarding the SurroundBar 4000.

Some units did have a firmware issue with this system.

The symptom was a distorted audio output after 15 to 20 minutes of play when the bar was connected only using the digital optical Source 1 input.

The new firmware update (Version 20) corrected this problem. This can be confirmed by a small rectangular white label that is located on the back of the amplifier on the speaker bar.

There is also a blue avery dot on the product ID label on the carton, plus the part number has been revised to AM1400-B.

All of Woot’s inventory is brand new and has the latest firmware already installed.

If anyone has any questions regarding product information or set up, feel free to call us direct at 800-377-7655 between the hours of 9 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday and we will be glad to help.

No. Not unless you have audio outputs that match the audio inputs on the Polk unit. I’m on my 3rd HT projector and none of them have audio outputs.

Saw a unit like this one at Sam’s Club and they feel cheap using small drivers.

I’m confused. Why would a projector have an audio output? It’s a video display device. The sound bar audio input comes from the receiver - or cable box or DVD player if you only have one source.

When I look at reviews on Amazon I compare total of good reviews (5 stars + 4 stars) to the total of bad reviews (1 star + 2 stars). I don’t think it’s wise to buy anything with less than a 5:1 ratio. The higher the ratio the better the chance of success.

The ratio for this product was dismal (less than 1:1).

I have owned one of these for over a year and really enjoy it. In that time I have tried several other manufacturer’s for the second TV and can say that I am really tempted to buy this as the best solution for the price range.

No HDMI inputs is a deal killer. I have a 160W Mint suggest u look around.

This Polk System ROCKS! I got one last time. I talked to the Polk Customer service team and they assured me that the Firmware was fixed. The Soundbar was as promised and as delivered. I never had a singel issue what so ever… I am getting another one for my bedroom today!

What the HELL! Denied for this sale twice with over $3,000 in my account! I can see where it was charged to my account then backed out, but sale was denied for no reason. It does not say sold out. What the hell is wrong with you Woot!

This is the step up of the Polk Audio Surroundbar IHT 3000 system which sells on Amazon for $249, with over 100 reviews, most all very positive. The SurroundBar 4000 IHT adds Dolby Digital to make this unit much better than the Surroundbar3000 for less money. This is a great deal.

please email Support@Woot.com for details about this.
i apologize for the inconvenience.