Polk N1 39" Bluetooth SurroundBar

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Polk N1 39" Bluetooth SurroundBar
Price: $139.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Aug 26 to Wednesday, Aug 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Discussion from a previous sale

Check out this “excellent” review over at pcmag.com and all sorts of info over at engadget

This is probably a really wonderful sounding speaker.

Observation from the individual who directs housecleaning in our home: all those little horizontal ribs appear to be wonderful dust-vacuums.

To which I respond, especially if the material is electrostatically charged plastic. But at least the ribs appear to be in a reverse-cascaded orientation, making it more difficult for dust to climb onto the ribs.

Is it me, or does that thing look humongous in the pics?

Everything should be Bluetooth by now. We need way more wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity, and rum. I’ll get started on the rum, everyone should get busy on those other things.

I got one of these from here, and it’s a no brainer at the price. It sounds much better than other low budget sound bars in this price range, and the movie and music profiles actually sound very good for anyone not using it for games. I have a dedicated 7.1 system for the living room, but I’ve been using this in the bedroom for Netflix and Blu-ray movie watching, as well as Chromecast music streaming and am very happy.

It generates decent bass from its enclosure without the need for an extra subwoofer taking up space. Serious bass hounds might want to look elsewhere, or add an optional subwoofer via the sub line out. The option is there to add one later if you desire.

Lastly, this thing looks very nice on my dresser under my wall mounted flat panel. It’s big, but it sounds way better than all those super thin soundbars I’ve heard. For reference, it’s smaller width wise than my new 50" TV, and it has pretty narrow bezels.

Note: It’s optical audio out only, no digital coax or HDMI.

Nothing some compressed air can’t fix. Keyboards are wonderful dust vacuums also.