Polk Striker ProZX Wired Gaming Headset - Xbox One

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Polk Striker ProZX Wired Gaming Headset - Xbox One
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Bluntly put, the headset is simply an upgrade over the basic headset that comes with most consoles but it’s going to offer nothing more than game sound and chat sound in a headset, this is also a good way to get the 3.5mm stereo adapter for the old controllers prior to them building them into the controller.

As for a REAL gaming headset, meaning to actually provide a tactical advantage in gaming, not just a gimmicky name or cool LEDs you throw on a garbage $20 headset at a $150 pricetag, then you need to continue reading.

Open back headsets have the largest sound stage thus they are the best type of headphones for actually hearing the natural sound of the game which comes from the actual direction of the sound.

With that being said, the BEST possible headset for the BIGGEST advantage for games like COD, Fortnite or PUBG is the Open Back headphones you’d buy for audiophile needs. The best bang for your buck was the SHP9500 from Phillips BUT the company that was manufacturing them went belly up and they went from $60 to well over $200.

Personally if I wanted to buy the single best open back headset for a reasonable investment that won’t need to be replaced it would be the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X which is $90 on Amazon. Since these are headphones they will require a microphone. You can either go with a desk mic or a the ModMic. To utilize a modmic with an AD700X requires a 3.5mm 4 Position to 2 x 3 Position 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter M/F.

For this pair up it would cost you

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CPEZ4J6_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 <- 3.5mm adapter $7.82

AD700X - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009S332TQ <- $99.97

https://www.amazon.com/Antlion-Audio-ModMic-Attachable-Microphone/dp/B00R98O6R4 <- High quality attachable mic <- $49.99

Total: $157.78

So long story short, youre saying these are bad because theres a headset that sounds better, even though it costs nearly 4 times what this one does?


Incorrect, what I am stating is there is nothing about the Polk Striker ProZX that makes it a “gaming headset” it simply comes with an xbox adapter for older 3.5mm controllers that are no longer in production but it is a nice a price to pay if you need a 3.5mm jack for your outdated controller since this is only $10 more than it costs in store and you get a headset for that $10 which is nice.

What I am also stating is that the only thing that give any type of gaming advantage when it comes to a headset/headphone is an increased sound stage. A sound stage is ability to perceive where a sound is coming from. For example, with an openback headphone (largest possible soundstage with a headphone) you can tell exactly where a players foot steps are coming from in a game like fortnite because it will actually sound like it is behind you. You won’t have to do what most Xbox gamers currently do, which is swing their characters head back and forth till they can figure out “about” where the sound is coming from between the Left and Right speaker balance. With an open back headset, a foot step gives the exact location of the player away. Basically a sound based wall hack.

This is a cheap plastic headset with subpar performance for increasing the bass so that your headset rumbles in your ear because someone shot a rocket. They offer no comfort level to speak of, where the headphones I mentioned can be worn for 10+ hours straight without irritating you and are professionally made for studio quality audiophiles.

Lastly the product makes some pretty bogus claims such as:

“Custom Wireless Adapter for Xbox One -Get the ultimate wireless experience with the Striker Pro’s quick plug-and-play setup on the Xbox one. It comes with a headset adapter with built-in DSP, tuned specifically for this headset. Plus, the adapter gives you quick and easy access to control both your game and chat volume.”

It’s not wireless, all they’re stating is that you can control your xbox party volume and game volume through the stereo adapter included, the headset still requires a wire to function properly on any platform. There is absolutely nothing wireless about anything included here. It’s simply them trying to hype a product as being something it’s truly not.

You’ll get equal sound quality out of any $20 headset on Amazon.

Here is a great list of potential audiophile headphones for gaming purposes. Reddit - Dive into anything

Thanks for the info.

stv6669 should get some quality posts for that much info. I feel I learned quite a bit about audio headsets for pc gaming there. I was thinking looking at these it might be time to upgrade my headset. Honestly, for what I play, I don’t need such awesome feedback about where footsteps are coming from. Just want something that will be comfortable when worn for a longer period of time. But geez stv6669, that is a lot of info to absorb. Now that I am no longer of college level income, I might consider getting a nicer pair at some point soon in the future. Thanks for the information!

I really tried to get into gaming with a headset and just couldn’t…After the umpteenth time of hearing a 10-14 year old using language I would more likely expect out of a drunken sailor, I just decided to play the single player stuff when I think I have some time to play. At my age, I’m not about to become an eSports legend or anything anyway. :wink:

Very informational. Thank you for taking the time.

While I respect your knowledge of gaming headphones, I do have to point out that these Polk headphones are metal construction and high quality, with great reviews.

Tom’s Hardware gave it 8/10 stars

BustedWallet gave it 8.7/10 stars

Digital Trends doesn’t give a star rating, but does compliment the sound quality of this headset

Nah. Pretty much everything these days is capable of simulating surround sound on just a left and right channel. You make it sound like a sound ONLY comes out of either the right or left channel at a single time when in fact you’ll have sound playing at different levels (and sometimes slightly delayed) in each ear and your brain does the work to figure out where the sound is coming from based on how loud it is in each ear. Just like in real life, the sound can come from a single point and your brain figures out where it is coming from based on the the level and time it takes to get to each ear.

Surely, you’ve seen stuff like this. Use any cheap pair of stereo headphones.

Sounds like we have a gaming headset elitist here. Didnt know they existed.

Big surprise, you can spend 4 times as much and get better sound!

But they don’t even say WHY the more expensive ones are better. Better materials? Bigger drivers? What?

Most of the reviews I’ve seen are pretty favorable. The design is 3 years old, but the price is $40. Polk is a good name in audio, so I can’t imagine the sound would be bad.


If you’re wearing headphones for 10 hrs a day and not getting paid for it, you have bigger issues than being concerned about headphone comfort.

I hear ya! I played Halo with my three sons and I would always end up in a pool of blood because I “was getting in the way…”. SIGH destined to play Candy Crush the rest of my life…:wink:

I have these and i love them.

I bought them at 59.99 on eBay so this is a great deal

That is very great info and exactly the issue I have with Battlefield. Can never tell where the player is directional audio doesnt work right.

Does anyone know if this headset has mic monitoring with Xbox One?

My wife says she is tired of me yelling into my current headset :frowning:

Yes it does have mic monitoring.