POLL: eggs

  1. do you like 'em?
  2. how do you like 'em?


  1. yes
  2. fried in a sammich. egg salad, in sammiches or not. scrambled. omelettes. occasionally hard boiled or softboiled. also been known to poach them in soup or even ramen.

eggs, i love 'em.


Edit: Fried, only over easy

Quiche - not so much

Over easy (sop up the mess with toast)


I have a love/hate for eggs

Only when in the mood for them-
fried, over-easy with potatoes, grits, or pancakes.
boiled, less often, but with salt.
deviled - used to be my favorite egg prep
In potato salad, rarely - don’t like potato salad really either.

I typically pass on eggs, and rarely ever eat them in the AM.

don’t recall ever having eggs benedict. it looks weird.

quiche - alrite. not a big fan, but edible. like sweet custard tarts better.

growing up, mom only ever served hard-boiled eggs. as an adult i found i kinda liked soft- and semi-soft-boiled eggs too. to my amazement, i later found out mom likes 'em that way too!

  1. Yes.

Hi Ducky!

ummm congrats?

Yes. Haven’t had any I dislike. Would quite like to try a wider variety of eggs, not just hens.

have had duck but not ostrich yet. mrs. 1 saw the ostrich eggs on iron chef and was appalled.

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you were supposed to keep that on the DL!

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after you told every1 you’d been “fertilized” i just assumed every1 knew!

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Having a duckling???

I don’t think I’ve met an egg I haven’t liked except maybe raw. Haven’t done that. Sometimes I don’t like what gets added to eggs (e.g. omelets) but I do love eggs.

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  1. Yes
  2. My favorite is omelettes (but primarily at a Sunday brunch at the golf course where I grew up) with deviled a close second. I like quiche but generally only with ham, no spinach. Also fried, scrambled, boiled…

Pretty much any way except pickled.

I don’t like eggs plain, but they are a required ingredient in many tasty things.

i wonder if this is your answer to many “do you like…” questions.

My little icon doesn’t say staff or KHAAAN!

Probably if I posted more I could have that situation rectified.

I like my eggs the same way I like my women: light and fluffy!

it’s just a shell game. and that’s no yolk!