What’s the deal with the daily survey questions? For about a week, IIRC, they wete missing, so I never knew what answers to mark. Then they came back.

Now the question is missing again. WTF?

Hi there. Sorry for the frustration. Are you saying the poll is there but it’s not showing the question?

Today’s poll is “Favorite Tree Topper”. I’m seeing it on desktop, mobile, and the app.

Could you give me more information about exactly what’s missing, your device/OS, versions, etc.


Yep, that’s issue. Multiple choices, but no question.

App Version 4.2.6
Samsung Galaxy Note8
Android v. 9

Thank you for the clarification. I’m going to ask the developers about it. It could be a bit before I hear back.

In the meantime, try removing and reinstalling the app.