Polygon Lion

Polygon all the cats!

Gorgeous colors. Love the owl by this artist as well.

The zip hoodies usually have a small design on the left front chest, but the mock-up looks plain, so is there a design on the front of this one or not? I really like this design (ROAR)!!

I want more like this one! I love the Polygon series. MORE please!

A majestic design indeed! One thing for sure, "Pierce knows his Polygons! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(My brother in law, a mathematics professor, really likes the polygonal (Kitty) cat shirt!)

Houston, we have a problem…

I was going to make two minor corrections to my post above, and I discovered a server error. So I went to the Derby and tried to edit one of my comments there. Same thing!

SOS—Somebody needs to fix the edit funcion.

I’m sure we have it, just may have to wait for the shirt crew to awaken; check back!

UPDATE: I was incorrect. The hoodie does NOT have the front design this time. It apparently wouldn’t print well so small. Sorry! :expressionless:

What if we want to see you mistakes? Makes you human… :wink:

Thanks for the heads up; I’ll poke a dev.

Then we get to see your mistakes too. :slight_smile:

(I wanted to add a link to Polygonal Cat in my original post above, but alas …)

Untrue, I’ve successfully edited posts today. :slight_smile:

Oh, sure, just rub it in to the rest of us that currently cannot edit our own posts!

You are right, Narfcake! You posted 4 hours ago… I just got home from work and I still cannot edit them! Weird…Maybe Woot admins. & employees can…?

One thing for sure, if you have something to say today, best get it right the first time!

Thanks for the answer, MH. I didn’t really think it would have the whole lion on the front, but I think a piece of the lion (a few different colored polygons, like part of a puzzle) would have been neat and then when you turn around people would see the whole thing. Oh, well. That was just MY design idea, not anyone else’s. I still like it even without anything on the front!

This on a zip hoodie… YAAAAASSSS!
Plz make my dreamz come true, Woot.