Polywood Furniture: Live Outside

I can’t find anything on a weight limit for these, any idea woot staff? Considering these as replacements for interior. What’s the finish on them is it something that would look way out of place inside instead of out?

I’ll see what I can find out from our buyers. I’ll update you when I know more.

All of these pictures, for all of the “Polywood Furniture” appear to be CGI. Do you have any actual photos of the chairs?

Just built a pool and looking for furniture.

Everytime I try to purchase these, and I try every time you have them on your site, I am only able to add a quantity of 1 to my cart. If I try to add more, I get an error message. I have tried in several browsers and on different computers - same problem. Thoughts? Thanks!

It’s likely that we only have one of the one in stock you’re trying to buy (or at least that’s what I think!) Which one are you trying to get more of? What error message are you getting?

Euro Counter Chair, Silver/Slate Grey. I would like 3 of them. It seems like all of the chairs only allow a quantity of 1 to be added to the cart even though it says minimum of 3 may be ordered. Again, this is has been the case every time you offer this item. Hmm.

Unfortunately it does look like we only have one- it’s pretty likely we just have not been able to sell it the past however many times we’ve had it up on the site.