Polywood Furniture Seriousout

Why show the chairs when you dont even have any for sale? Thats what drew me in.

I agree completely and it’s the same with the chaise shown further down the page. It’s very annoying to scroll through a long page of ho-hum tables to find no chairs at all!

Only 18’’ height, very small table. Too bad. And where are the chairs?

Are you listening, Woot? People came here for the chairs! Why would you want to do that to your customers?

And who is going to buy an ottoman without a chair???

I’m gonna for the super cheesy joke and say someone without an ass. But, seriously, this sale is kind a bummer, I know. If my memory is serving me, we sold out of the chairs the last time around. Hopefully our buyers will be able to get their hands on more in the future.

I bought the chairs last time
Love them. I do think they sold out fast
Not sure which cushion fits the high back adirondack bar stool.

What does the conversion table convert to?

I don’t see any conversion tables, but we do have some conversation tables. We can totally talk about them here! I’ll see if our buyers can’t get their hands on some Transformer tables, though.

Huh? I saw chairs and then … Nothing! What the Sam Hill is going on. What kind of internet trickery is this?

We’ve sold these before and it seems as though we’ve used the same photography. Sorry for the disappointment. There are some more Polywood chairs in the other plus event, though.

I purchased some beach chairs at Target 3 years ago and love them. Now I am getting matching ottomans and the low table is perfect or the low beach chairs. This stuff justs sits in the sand and never gets corroded. It is heavy so my renters dont run off with it and it will not blow into my glass doors in a huge wind storm. I bought the big dining table for my outdoor deck. It never has to be put away. It just sits there.