Polywood Furniture

So what is it about this readily available manufactured “wood” that can be used just like “regular wood” (saws, screws, etc) that allows it to command such outrageous prices when cut and assembled into common commodity lawn furniture???

Also - the chaise lounge says it weighs 50# - is the frame filled with lead?

There’s a guy around the corner from me with > a dozen complete sets of this aging in the sun (I would say “for sale” - but in 2 years no one has bought stick of it)

Plans on eBay: $5
Board stock from local big box retailer: $50

  • 2 hours of your time and you’ve got what is apparently a $500 lawn chair…


given the fact that alot if not all of this stuff hasn’t even sold 1 piece I would say it isnt exactly flying off the shelves.

I think the issue is more that there is only one of each for sale. Might not be an issue with the tables, but I don’t think many people would be satisfied with just one chair

I clicked on a couple. 1 had 2 chairs for sale, the other had 1.
neither one had sold any yet, so it isnt like they’re down to their last 1 or 2.

this sale doesn’t make any sense.

they have, in my opinion, expensive furniture, and if someone was interested in anything they couldn’t buy a set.

With bright colors like this, you can mix & match for a cute arrangement.

Thank FiestaWare. My grandmother had dishes in all different colors.

Have fun! Be creative.

Then it must be my dumb luck as the two different chairs I have interest in only have one each in inventory. So I have to pass

thunderthighs did have an idea. but different colors. I don’t think I would like that look.
and if you could see them from the street some hoa’s might not either.