Pomo Nation Zinfandel (4)

Pomo Nation Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 4-Pack
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2007 Pomo Nation Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley
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I don’t see the summer shipping banner on the main offer page any longer. Are we sure about this?

Cesare just got called out… and it is fall, but Summer temps are still here. Feel free to hold on to all of my wine purchases woot for a few more weeks. :slight_smile:

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I had this Zin just recently. It’s big and bold, full of bramble and spice. A good food Zin that would probably benefit from a decant and/or some additional time in the bottle.

There were some black fruits on the nose and palate but this one is more for those who like their Zins big & spicy as opposed to fruity or jammy.

For those that don’t know, this wine is made by Everett Ridge Vineyards & and Winemaker Lynn Krausmann. Current winemaker for Esterlina, Everett Ridge & Diablita brands.

Lynn Krausmann brings a wealth of experience to Everett Ridge’s Pomo Nation, having worked in the industry for 25 years. Lynn most recently has been Winemaker for Williams Selyem for the past six years. Her previous experience includes time as Winemaker at Clos du Bois Wines for twelve years, Assistant Winemaker for Freemark Abbey Winery for two, as well as vintage experiences at Robert Mondavi Winery and Cloudy Bay Wines, New Zealand. Lynn earned a degree in Biology from Lawrence University and received her Enology degree from the University of California at Davis.

Just heard back from WineDavid39. They are still monitoring the weather and timing packages to keep them moving so they’re not sitting idle in hot zones.

In other words, they got your back.

Anyone else read the drop down menu as “porno nation Zinfandel”?

ThunderThighs I am not convinced that they do have our backs.

I just had a shipment arrive via FedEx Ground that took 7 days via ground from the west coast to the east coast.

My purchase was from 09/08/12 and it is still very hot down here in the southeast.

The Pomo connection is interesting. For those who are interested, essentially four Native American tribes inhabited the area that is now the Sonoma and Napa county wine country. [NB California Indian tribes are generally organized by language groups - it’s unclear how much, if any, political organization the many villages had beyond the local level, though the Pomo do seem to have been orgainzed a bit better than most.]

  1. The Pomo from the Santa Rosa plain West to to the coast and North well into Mendocino county (and including the Anderson Valley)

  2. The Sonoma Valley to about Glen Ellen and the Petaluma Gap Area West to the Coast, South to San Pablo and San Francisco Bay, and North to somewhere between Cotati and Santa Rosa was the territory of the Coast Miwoks.

  3. North of Glen Ellen to the East of the Pomo were the Wappo. They ranged North through the Alexander Valley (disputed with the Pomo in the early 19th century) and Geyserville as far West as Lytton and East through the upper Napa Valley from the tidewater (a little North of Napa city) North and East to the inner Coast Range mountains dividing the area from the Sacramento Valley. This would encompass the Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Stags Leap and Yountville areas.

  4. Napa county from a little above Napa city South to the Bay and west into the Mayacamas mountains to the Coast Miwok area of Sonoma and and East into the Sacramento Valley, was Wintun territory.

[There is some dispute about the Sonoma Valley, whether it was all Coast Miwok or partly Wintun. The Wintun and Miwok were fairly closely linguistically related]

Though most of the fieldwork is, and publication almost, a century old now, the most comprehensive resource on Native Americans in California is A.L. Kroeber, Handbook of the Indians of California, first published as Bulletin No. 78 of the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution (GPO Washington 1925).

Does anyone know if the purchase of this wine directly benefits the people of the Pomo Nation?

Re Summer Shipping… I think it stopped when the season “changed”. My last order took 6 days to cross the country by truck, including the weekend…

Ob another note… I am the only one who read this offer as “Porno Nation”?

Just my $.02 - It appears my Zeppelin Winery order from 9/17 was sent via regular ground shipping from Sacramento, CA. All of my summer orders with refrigerated ‘zone skipping’ shipping were picked up from Grove City, OH.

On the wine itself… I’ve never had this one; however, I did enjoy the Pomo Nation BiDu Red Blend. Based on that I could recommend giving this a shot.

Surprisingly, a friend poured this into my glass recently.

My notes were that this has a lot of up front in your face, but gets better with some time open. Some of that was the high alcohol.

14.9%?? That seems low. Most of us noted the initial blow off of alcohol was intense. Personally, over the last year, I have started to develop a sensitivity to alcohol in my wines, and are drifting toward lower % wines.

My +1 noted that it didn’t have the stewed fruit or back end of sweetness that she prefers in a Zin. Personally, I like more tobacco and spice in my Zin, with more subtlety.

All I can say, is if your into those WWE smash mouth style of Cali Zins, maybe this is right up your alley.

And the point is?

Always nice to know some background on a wine/winery/winemaker. Just another data point to consider when making a purchase decision.

What happened to International Sake Day? I figured we would at least get a side deal.

cuz sake sucks :wink:

The Pomo wine brand was founded by two Pomo Indians, it does not necessarily reflect the vies or benefit of the Pomo Indian Nation.