Pomorosso Barbera d' Asti (2)

Pomorosso Barbera d’ Asti 2-Pack
$79.99 $̶1̶4̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 46% off List Price
2008 Pomorosso Barbera d’ Asti
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Am I reading this right? A Barbera a d’ Asti?! Usually when I see a d’ Asti, it’s a moscato.

Has anyone had this before and could offer some notes and/or feedback?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Since when is CO off the shipping list?

I believe the (Barbera) d’Asti is the specific appellation and the only thing in common with Moscato d’Asti is that the grapes are both grown in the Asti sub-region of Piedmont in Italy.

I have not had the wine so can offer nothing more.

Just in case you are wondering what that pink label on the bottle means, here’s a quick link:


It’s pretty sweet to see the Non US Saturday wines back even if it comes with a much shorter state list.

I am hoping that a wine like this comes with some woot community tasting notes though. $40 a bottle is a significant chunk of change without a very high recommendation

In for 2!

Agreed, especially for a wine priced significantly higher than most examples that I’ve seen from this appellation.

QFT. This is low-mid level Barolo prices.

I love Barbera, and I’m super excited to see an import wine show up on woot. I’m super close to clicking the button, but at this price I’m needing some more discussion participation. That’s what makes woot so great! If this were a 2 page thread with lots of positive comments my curiosity would be peaked, but as it stands the lack of excitement is contagious. We need some rodents for this type of offering at the very least, and it would be nice to see the winery come through as well. I would like to see more international offers so I hope woot can find a way to help them become more popular.

it’s saturday! if we get two pages of comments today, i’ll eat a boot.

Well how about not providing individuals with random recent experience of the offers, or moving them to a more active day of the week? Like Thursdays. I don’t even check woot on Thursdays anymore. Then you could change Thursday offers to Saturday?