Poncha 35 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Poncha 35 Degree Sleeping Bag
$54.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ve seen this before

15 degrees better than this time last night!

Oh look, its a tomb :smiley:

human inch worm suit


Relax mummy shape


oooh Poncah 35 degree! I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on an old Kenosha 20 degree one!

That photo looks more like 45 degrees.

Awesome Willie Nelson parody for thewriteip. KUDOS.

Mummy shaped? I gotta wait for the Pear shaped version…

Relax mummy shape?

More like “claustrophobia panic attack shape.”

based on the past few items you’d think they want us to go camping

Write-up even.

63.19 Free ship on ebags.
Not the greatest deal.
Ugly green color also.
Someday I need to buy a couple sleeping bags. But I like to check them first.

Camo would be cool hehe

Man I truly miss camping.
Would love to go Camping & Fishing.

If I wasn’t some damn tired that probably wouldn’t have been so funny!

Actually, 15 degrees worse than last night, but why pick nits?

Nits? Does Woot! ever put Nits in Bugles of Capricorn?


Does this mean you are warm at 35 degrees or the bag keeps your body at 35 degrees?