Poncha 35 Degree Sleeping Bag

Not many reviews for this bag, but there is one on Amazon. Supposedly it’s a bit narrow shoulder-wise for bigger people. It is at 10 bucks cheaper here though even counting in shipping. Also linking Moosejaw and the manufacturer’s site.




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using this product would require going outside

Will this make me turn into a pretty butterfly?

When it is 35F outside, I sleep inside. This obviates the need for a sleeping bag.

Majorly loving the amount of outdoorsy gear showing up in this Woot-Off. I haven’t managed to be paying attention at the right time to buy anything yet, but I really hope this kind of stuff keeps showing up! I spend so much money on crap for my bike and for hiking and whatever, and I’m glad to let Woot have some of that windfall

Yeah, that occurred to me too late, it was already out there. But I do prefer warmer weather.

the only sleeping chamber that keeps your body at 35 degrees is the morgue

looks more like a chartreuse to me…

they dont specify, so i kiddingly assume that they mean 35 degrees celsius

translated to fahrenheit is 95 degrees

you will quite toasty.

I also need to know the answer to this.

. . .because of reasons.

Really nice sleeping bag. This one compared to the last is much lighter although still a bit much for me. Also I didn’t check on the last one but this particular sleeping bag has YKK zippers and looks like it goes all the way around the feet witch means if you get to warm but still find it to cold to sleep with out SOMETHING then you can unzip the bag and use it as a blanket. As with the last bag I would stay away from this if you know it’s going to be colder the the 35 Degrees listed.

Hey! These are also my dimensions!

■Dimensions: 10" x 82’’ x 32.5’‘

My experience w/ sleeping bag temps is similar to EPA mileage for your car. A bit exaggerated. I have 20 degree bags that are good to about 30 and that’s it. So I’d guess this is good to about 45 or so which isn’t bad but isn’t all that chilly either. If it’s about 50 degrees outside, I just lie on top of the sleeping bag in my tent for most of the night until I get chilly.
You can do much better at campmor where there is a 15 degree bag for $10 cheaper.

Love woot but this is not the best deal.

There are actually quite a bit of variables involved in getting the maximum warmth out of your sleeping bag. Often times even at 40 degrees a 35 degree rated bag will leave you feeling chilly. You are actually warmer when you are naked in the bag :slight_smile:

More info here:

Looks like a ST:TNG Type-2 phaser.