Pony Tools

how can you possibly miss so many sizes in between 3/16" and 1"? Some of the most commonly used sizes are 9/16, 3/4, and 7/8 and they’re not included? Come on! I would have purchased.

Um, its from a company called pony lol. maybe buy some tools from good known brands

Yep, looks like just another crap-grade China tool set… only this one is missing essential tools, as well.

Really guys? Where are the other sizes? If there was a 9/16 you might of got me suckered in. BTW --Lowes this weekend had more sizes and better prices.

And what’s wrong with things named “Pony”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, how many typos could there be in the Features section?

  • “allows for addition contact”
  • “Dropped forged”
  • “Hex keys includes”

Did they just copy some product description?

[MOD EDIT] Play nice.

“The 8 inch has an overall length of 8 inches…”

“The 12 inch has an overall length of 12 inches…”

Those are some good specs. It’s good to know it’s not the other way around. That would get really confusing.

Does a mile have an overall length of a mile too?

Next you’ll be wanting to know if a megabyte actually has 1000 bytes, eh? :wink:

1 megabyte is
1 048 576 bytes

Anyway, $14 for a couple of c wrenches is crazy woot.
Take’em back to harbor freight.

If these were from Harbor Freight, they’d have a lifetime guarantee, be a complete set, and be of decent (not top-level) quality.