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The picture posted for the Hayward EC50AC D.E Pool Filter is incorrect. Pictured is for the Hayword EC40AC.

Thank you

the hayward SP3400VSP pump says its only covered by woot’s 90 day limited warranty. does that mean that there is no warranty from Hayward?

Various items throughout this PLUS offer are covered by Hayward (some 1 Year/90 Days).

If it’s not covered by Hayward then it has the 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

I bought the SP3400VSP last time and asked the same question. I’m glad we got an answer. I did check Hayward’s site and you can register it there to get the 1-year warranty. If you get it installed by a pro (certified by them) you get a 3-year.

Dang, I missed that moon quad chair. All the ones I see in stores are clearly made for kids.

How did you come about that info? According to the warranty card that comes with the pump its only one year and doesn’t mention anything about professional installation warranty.

Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner

Ordered this a couple of weeks ago after got frustrated with my husband not getting the pool clean. The Polaris just wasn’t getting the sand out. WOW Tiger Shark, where have you been all my life? (Or at least since we’ve had the pool!) What a great job this does! Great price (well considering how expensive it usually is- more like just under a $1,000 vs list price) and brand new. Gets stuck occasionally on my pool drain is the main con. Otherwise pleased!!

Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro is noted to only be 14,000 BTU. Shouldn’t it read 140,000 BTU. Anyone have experience with this pool heater?

Has anybody’s pool filter shipped yet? I ordered the Intex 28651EG 16-Inch Sand Filter Pump, 3,200-Gallon on July 22 and they still have not shipped it yet. I sent three emails.

Please be aware that standard shipping on items is usually 3-8 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that). We ask that you allow a couple more days for your item(s) to ship.

We recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates/activity by July 30th, to please rewrite back into support@woot.com and let them know.

I did email your support service three times with no response. The item says it would ship out 1-2 days it’s been almost a week and no shipped item. I understand the 3-8 days to get to me but that’s when the item ships first. Why can anyone tell me what’s the hold up or how do I get my money back if it’s not going to ship soon.

Yea it was shipped at 12:00 last night thank you.

My pump shipped but the USPS tracking number is not working (after 3 days since supposedly shipping). I would like to be home when it arrives.

I still dont have the pump… when r they going to send it… after the swim season is finished?

It is now August 11th and the order for the Hayward 3400 VS pump was placed on July 24th. I know you say 3-8 business days but there is still not tracking information and it is way past eight days. Has this pump shipped? Judging from all these comments, this vendor falls outside your written shipping policy. I have written several times and I feel the investigating is superficial and the customer service response vague and unsatisfying.

I’m sorry for the problems. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

I must agree. I ordered on the 23rd of July and have written several times. I am told only to ‘be patient’ and give it a few more days. It’s the 11th of August, I’m patient, but VERY concerned at this point. I ordered the Wen low speed grinder on the same day and it was delivered on the 30th.
There is no separate tracking number for the pump, although I was told it was shipped from a different facility. Seems it should have a separate tracking number by now. I really would like some ‘looking into it’ to be happening now.

So I wrote yet another email to support regarding the Hayward Variable-Speed Pool Pump that I ordered (and was promptly charged for) on July 23rd and have not yet received. I’d like to say I’m getting used to being ignored, but I’m not. What is going on with this?

Hey Woot, I think you have a huge customer service problem with Hayward VS pump supplier. They posted a shipping number finally but nothing has moved. We are quickly coming up on the month anniversary of this order. Your reputation is on the line and they are trashing it. I’ve never experience such indifference from one of your vendors. Please find out when I can expect delivery as I have made multiple arrangements to have this pump installed. By the way the swimming season is nearly at it end.