Pool Closing Sale: Accessories

You have the Pentair 11018 Variable Speed Pump listed here for $1574.99, a dollar under list. You can buy this same item on amazon for $853.99. Woot, you must have made an error in the pricing.

Thanks for the heads up!

After speaking with Woot Staff they have corrected the issue.

First, thanks for the quick adjustment. At $499.00 I bought one.

But I do have a question. Why did the tigershark RC9990GR cost less than the RC 9950GR? p.s. I purchased the 9950 as their was only one of the 9990.

I’m unsure as to the certain pricing points of offers within this PLUS sale.
It’s possible that maybe certain features are different/unique to each model.

I’m sure maybe another Wooter could help clarify or comment.

I hope your offering of the Intex 28651EG 16-Inch Sand Filter Pump, 3,200-Gallon means you have worked out your issues with the vendor and my purchase on 7-23-14 – Order # XXX
Is finally going to ship? Your status says “shipped” – Well where is the tracking number for the pump? I have never gotten my pump, and kids hate me now, pool is green. You have not replied back to me in over 18 days and this order is 41 days delinquent. Even though I’ve never linked my Woot account I’ve contacted Amazon on 8/28/14, and have not heard back from them either. They said they were just going to “pass along the feedback”. Now I am forced to make comments in “threads” and up next twitter?! Please contact me and let’s resolve the fact that you have been ‘holding’ $149.00 from me for over 41 days with no item and no explanation other than “we are looking into it” and now the very item pops back up on woot. In over 7 years with thousands of dollars purchased from your site I’ve never been treated this way before. I guess “linking” to Amazon is a 100% must now a days… never again will I make a purchase without their A-Z guarantee.

I’m really sorry for the trouble. I’ve sent your info to CS in my evening report. Additionally, I removed your order number from your post to protect your privacy.

have you considered contacting your credit card company or paypal to dispute the charge?

Hope I actually receive the Hayward pump this time ;o

Is the Intex 28651EG the same as the one Amazon is selling for $3 less? http://amzn.com/B00GSPHS7E

There is no dispute if they send me my pump…which it appears they have if they are selling more. :slight_smile:

Do I buy another one, and dispute the old one later? I don’t know what to do… all I know is the KIDS WANT TO SWIM and my pool is green. No one from Woot is being very timely with their replies.

finally got a reply (didn’t think to come to the board sooner!) they refunding and i had to purchase again… this time I used Amazon stuff. =) Thanks woot!

Funny they did the same thing to me with the pool supplies I ordered 2K worth of pool supplies for our new pool, and they just never shipped them. Although they marked as shipped. Its the second time they have messed up a large order. I am finally posting on the forums to see if I can get some response. I emailed them many times and the most I got back was the usual “oh our bad” far from “sorry we ruined your kids summer”. I was able to re-order some of the parts that magically became available again, frankly I dont know if they will actually ship them this time.

I’m still checking on your refund that you mentioned on Woot- I’m reassured that there should be no similar problem with this sale, but I will make sure to pass your comment on to the buyer.

I’m having a horrible case of Deja’vu regarding the Hayward VSP pool pump. Ordered on the 2nd, on the 9th, still says no tracking available. This is pretty much what happened last time I tried to order this pump. I would like a little reassurance that the pump will actually ship this time. Despite the comment above, ‘no similar problems with this sale’, I’m not feeling too confident about this, so a comment from Woot staff that these are ACTUALLY shipping would help a lot at this point.
Unless the whole point of this sale is “Fool me twice”.
So, please let me, and anyone else who ordered this pump, know what’s going on by actually checking into it and posting the results of ‘looking into it’ here for all to see.

I bought the Pentair pump and not seeing any tracking as of this time. Just says “shipping now”. I also bought the tiger shark cleaner which I received before the weekend with no problems. No response yet from woot on my email to them. They need to make good on this deal.

Staff, any help here? Thanks

Monday, 9/1, was a holiday so that could have slowed things down. Just in case thought, I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

Thank you!

Email just came thru that the item has shipped.

I was getting a little worried with the posts saying that certain pool supplies had not shipped in the past.

Thank you again! :slight_smile: