Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack Series

Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack Series

For those who want the finger crap in their bags of life. Unicorn poop.

Yes, after much hemming and hawing I bought in on the poop.

First - I am high tired of metaphorical crap in my BOCs so go right to the source.

Second - I have a yearly set of secret satans gift giving events I am part of, and these will fill that last niche corner in lovingly packed presents.

A dented box of these should be pillaged for future BOCs. Just a suggestion for the warehouse goblins to think about.


If only they were in our warehouse.

I got the purple unicorn poop with the juicy poop drink box. I think the scent is pineapple.

If you’re going to make the slime I’ve heard it can go horribly wrong. Here’s what I did.

Put it all in the drink cup shaker. ALL OF IT. Pop that drip thing out of the scent bottle and dump it in. I used two slightly under filled cups of hot water. Mostly because I’m lazy. Shake it in the sink cause that poop leaks. You’ll feel it get solid. Then forget about it for a couple hours.

Mine turned out great. It won’t fit in the purple unicorn poop keychain though.


Oh shucks… I should have realized that with two receive dates.