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da%20poops%20blog For the past 33 weeks I’ve been blogging about the shirt derby. I pick 3 entries that I :heart:
… … … … … . not predictions, not always from the fog, just for fun and for the love of shirts!

It was suggested to me, that this might be a good place to post a link to my blog… also it might be fun if anyone wants to chip in with their ‘actual’ predictions for top three.

(just don’t pick your own design! super lame) :poop:


Ooo, Poopy’s Blog.

I like the idea. No link in this post though. Or is it the link in your profile?



cheers mtn3pitt, I just posted :slight_smile:


I can’t put my finger on why, but I love your blog. :slight_smile:


It’s a tough call this week; but I’d be happy to see your selection print & win :slight_smile:


A nod from poopy is like winning. Only with less money and not really winning. But I like when it happens! :slight_smile:


new blog for the Hand Lettering and Typography derby :heart::poop:


You’re very kind. I wish more voters had your taste :wink:


Yay! A poopy blog mention! Thanks! :heart:


WHAAA? I just noticed this now. Thank you so much for the Poopy Vote of Confidence!! If it doesn’t win in the next two days, I’ll print off your blog post for my own victory :smiley:


@poopycakes More shirt people might see your posts about your blog if you posted it in the relevant derby threads…just a friendly suggestion!


Hello therealjrn :slight_smile: I used to post in the comments under each design, with the new forums it’s been a bit tricky to know where to post… Thanks for the suggestion, I might try that out for this current derby :slight_smile: hope you like my picks and feel free to add your faves to this thread if you’d like to :slight_smile:


Moving this thread to Artists Central to increase visibility.


Thanks ThunderThighs :slight_smile:


True. It’s the next best thing to cash.


if only I had a cash prize to give, sadly I just have words :sweat: lol


New Poopy Shirt Blog - Road Trip :sunglasses: :oncoming_automobile: :poop:



You are so very kind. I like your picks as always (even when you don’t pick mine).