Poorly Prepared Penguin

You know you follow Woot a little too closely when I can start to recognize artists by their design style.

Scaredy cat penguin!

I like the comic strip style write up. Penguins’ expressions very entertaining. Especially the one in the back who looks like there might be a shove coming…

really reminds me of titanic.

Huh. Only one consumer penguin appears to be properly prepared for the water. (Though, really, thanks Woot for not being so crass as to give the penguin water wings…)

That eye roll penguin is hard to faze. Inner tube penguin too scared to go in the water. ppth eyeroll Getting swallowed by Orca. ppth eyeroll

Poorly prepared? Seemed like well prepared to me. Ok, maybe overly prepared. :slight_smile:

DoOomcat strikes again! :slight_smile:
Her designs are just awesome thanks to the other characters around & their annoyed looks.
Technically this design would have worked with only the ill prepared penguin, but to make it a real DoOomcat the other penguins needed to be there. And they just make it precious. <3


I can only recognize DoOomCat’s stuff, but they are hysterical.

Wanted this it’s sold out in t-shirt why no kid sized hoodies?

Why can’t this come in a long sleeve shirt! Would buy immediately.

Pastis is doing a “penguin eaten by predator” riff on PBS at the moment. I guess Woot couldn’t have used a polar bear rather than orca or face the copyright infringement gods…

This must be the Unstealthy Ninja’s penguin cousin. Very cute DoOomCat!

Love this. Would have bought one if hoodies hadn’t sold out hours ago.

LOVE the comic strip writeup!

i agree…eyeroll penguin makes this print a keeper.

hmm…i see all the shirt sizes available for purchase.

as for the kid-sized hoodies, i’m not sure. i don’t see too many kid-sized hoodies for any print. either they’re out of stock or they’re cost-prohibitive to carry.

I think the title meant to be “Poorly Prepared PenguinS”, referring to the two already in the water that are giving the boy scout dirty looks!!

More likely avoiding the wrath of the internet correctors. Pastis has been getting heck from people pointing out that polar bears and penguins live at opposite poles.