Pop Heart

Looks like a cupcake

I don’t trust that guitar, it’s eyes are too big.

MaxF has one of the greatest distinctive, classic pop styles. Great to see someone like him on here.

wish it were on off-white, I just can’t sport white after labour day

love it + really hope it’s not just because it’s so darn pink + cheerful…or maybe I don’t mind if it is.

I’ve always wondered how to smoothly get the “just bangs” look. I tried once, and I just wound up looking like I was the lead singer of an obscure band.

This shirt is really busy. I’m not exactly sure what all is going on here

I wish we could see how many guys vs girls buy this shirt. I’m guessing 90% girls. It’s way too bubblegum for me.

Pink, pink, pink goes the guitar strings.

Shouldn’t it’s condition be: over-anthropomorphised?

I spot some hipster glasses in the lower right corner, didn’t we just do that derby?

You can buy it and look forward to the rare opportunity when the time says it is not after labor day. When is that anyway? On labor day?

Awww, this is so cute! I love it… but sadly, I could not wear it, because round t-shirt graphics make me look, well, round.

Hey, I’m in shape! “Round” IS a shape!


This cute offends me alot less than the usual cute.

I really hope you’re joking. This is, without a doubt, the most revolting shirt I have ever seen, bar none. It’s pink. And it praises pop? I’ve got to be missing something very important here. Please enlighten me.

Yeah! Kinda like this pop art bublegum commercial?

I think he’s being legit here. Adder rarely praises something. And jinkies, if he didn’t just get a Quality point for it! So that should speak volumes as well on how legit the praise is that he is giving.

Well now we know where the Professor got everything nice.