Pop Surrealism Canvasii

Listen, I love irregular plurals more than the next guy, but you can’t just throw an ii onto the end of any word that ends in s. I’ll let it slide if you pluralize a word that ends in “-us” by replacing that ending with a single “i”, even if it’s not a second declension Latin noun, but this ii thing, it’s just gross.

Are the dimensions of the Jason Ratliff canvas(ii) accurate? I am looking to pick up a third to round out the series, but they don’t seem to print them in that size.

Where do you see that they don’t print them in that size? And which size are you concerned about?

Both sizes actually. iCanvas doesn’t have this artist listed, so the only other website with the canvas prints seems to be http://society6.com/product/float-under-the-sea_stretched-canvas#6=29
But that is a 17"x24" and this is 18"x26". Unless you have a third part to the series hanging around, I am going to have to order all three somewhere else.

Sorry, yeah since this is from a different supplier, they just choose to put it on a different size than the artist did on Society6. We only have available what’s up in the sale at this time.

I don’t mean to nitpick, but I was hoping for a triptych. Having one misfit would drive me ballistic.

Thank you.

These are the worst pictures ever. I wish I had these 10 seconds back

By the end of the mouse scroll, I had expected to see Dogs Playing Poker.

After scrolling through this useless and pointless dreck, I would have welcomed seeing a classic ‘Dogs Playing Poker’.